backyard decor styles

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Beautiful garden details

[ad_1] The final chord of an ornamental garden is small architectural elements that were very popular in the distant (and not so) past and were called sculptures. We are all used to such decorative details in the form of stone or more affordable plaster sculptures. So, a modern ornamental garden is something else that does …

Summer kitchen — not only barbecue

[ad_1] Who said that the summer kitchen is an exclusively country attribute? Just imagine what it’s like to do canning and other summer preparations indoors in a «home» kitchen. And what about the constant picnics and just receiving guests in a private house? Is it possible to combine cooking in the house without compromising communication …

How to plan a yard

[ad_1] Everyone knows that the most expensive and time-consuming element of the yard is the house. And when it is already built, it’s time to start planning the adjacent territory — the yard. This is not a design yet, but its initial stage, when the main functional elements are placed on the plan. Any construction …

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