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The landscape on the site can become its only and main decoration, veiling the shortcomings of the architecture of buildings. He will «pull» attention to himself and present your estate in the best light.

Unlike construction, landscaping done by hand is much cheaper. And this means that if you want changes, but do not have enough funds, you should bet on competent landscaping of the territory.

Landscape is much cheaper in nature garden style. This is the natural beauty of nature, only «combed» by the patient hands of the gardener. Alas, without the knowledge of building a composition, including color, the proper effect may not work.

So, if you want cheap and «angry», it is worth making an effort to master the science of gardening or … painting. Yes, yes, yes, it is the color palette of the picture that is the key to success in such a project. Having mastered it, you can transfer the idea to the area and thereby materialize the picture.

A compromise option is a combination of mixborders and a lawn. it English style garden design and it is good because the seedlings of perennial flowers and herbs are not so expensive, they multiply surprisingly quickly. Trees and shrubs can be left on the site or supplemented with seedlings from the nearest planting, a neighboring garden (with the knowledge of the owners 🙂 or forest. Many of the arboreal inhabitants of the local flora may be fast growing (A list of the most popular can be found by clicking on this link).

A riot of colors in mixborders and a smoothly cut green lawn will contrast perfectly against each other.

However, what to say, it’s better to just look at all the options for creating a beautiful landscape with examples.

The photo above is an example of a landscape designed in a regular style with English notes. This is a more «domesticated» option, unlike the palace gardens. Clear geometry, traditional paving, hedges and topiary forms (beautifully trimmed trees and shrubs) have been preserved here.

Symmetry is still present, but not so strict, and, most importantly, somewhat chaotic forms of perennials, more reminiscent of meadow thickets, have been added to the design drawn out, as if under a ruler.

A similar option, but in the Italian style.

And this landscape is a symbiosis of the Japanese garden and naturgarden style in a purely modern setting. And the name of this style is modern. About him a little later, look further …

Here it is the source of inspiration for the previous landscape design: intricately trimmed niwaki trees, neatly «arranged» among the natural relief. All this beauty is emphasized by a carefully mowed lawn… and note that there is no leveling of the site for its laying! Only natural, maybe slightly smoothed relief.

The same (photo above), but in the spirit of native nature. Trees growing in the surrounding area are the most reliable garden component for the Middle Strip.

They do not require winter shelter and special watering conditions. The main thing is to cut the grass in time in order to emphasize the beauty of this naturalness. And one more thing: it is very similar to the fact that the relief (bumps and depressions) was created artificially.

And here is an example of an English garden. The natural relief is covered with a lawn and is interrupted by «tousled» islands of grassy mixborders. The bulk of the trees are «local» residents. Yes, by the way, in the photo: Buckingham Palace Park.

Garden flowers will help make the landscape brighter. But be aware. that they take a long time to care for. Indeed, for long-term flowering and maintaining an aesthetic appearance, it is important to cut off faded inflorescences in a timely manner, and there are several hundred of them in the photo 🙂

If you replace garden flowers with ornamental grasses with colored foliage, the effect of bright contrast will remain, but worries will noticeably decrease.

The landscape looks very beautiful if the palette of plants is emphasized with man-made elements: brickwork, stone embankment, sawn stone construction.

A place to relax in a typical English style. The wooden bench is made in the same spirit. What are the options for benches for rest you can read here.

An artificial pond with a fountain will require the owners of the site to take care of filtering the water, cleaning the pond from overgrown algae, conserving the pond for the winter … It is worth thinking carefully before acquiring such a beauty of the landscape.

Alpine slide in the English style, these are coniferous and bright ground cover plants.

It would seem quite simple: the sides of the paths were divided into rectangular sections and densely planted with bright perennials. And what an effect!

Here it is, an exquisite garden design in the style of naturgarden. It feels like looking at a watercolor by a talented artist… The secret of this landscape lies in the perfectly matched color scheme of simple herbaceous perennials.

You have no idea how much you need to know about colors to create such a simple and natural picture. It feels like everything has grown on its own.

Well, this is an oil painting. The landscape designer relied on different varieties of one plant — heather, planting them in large arrays. Handsomely…

In the photo: an absolutely man-made landscape, starting from the relief and ending with landscaping. The bet is made on a combination of two colors: white and green. Several types of herbs, shrubs, trees. And nothing superfluous… Art Nouveau style.

This photo has already been presented on the site, but I like it. Also modern style, however, with a more colorful palette.

rusting in the open metal sculptures — one of the fashionable chips of the modern style of landscape design.

But this is already a bright design in the same style, presented at the traditional exhibition in Chelsea. Geometric lines and colors rule the ball here: purple, white and green (where without it 🙂

Another interpretation of Art Nouveau in landscaping. White-green chaos is enclosed within decorative concrete elements. From the same concrete, but already printed, the site was paving. And to complete the picture, an openwork furniture set made of black metal.

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