Woodcutter — what is it, main types, what are they made of, dimensions, where to place, use in the interior


Woodcutter - what is it, main types, what are they made of, dimensions, where to place, use in the interior

In a private house, wood is often used for heating. To ensure optimal conditions for its storage, special facilities are used, which include a woodcutter. It can be made in the form of an extension to the main building or a detached small barn with a canopy.

What is a lumberjack?

The device for storing firewood has different names depending on the appearance and method of placement. A woodcutter is a barn built separately from the main building. It has its own foundation. The firewood rack is a small stand that can be installed both indoors and outdoors under a canopy. This word also denotes a basket for carrying kindling material. The woodshed is an extension to the main house, equipped with a shed and a separate entrance. Often these names are used as synonyms.

what is a lumberjack

Types of woodcutter

The type of construction and method of placement is selected depending on the volume of kindling material and the frequency of its use:

  1. Shed in the form of a canopy. This design is attached to one of the walls of the house. To ensure optimal moisture and prevent rotting, the floor must be raised. This type of woodcutter is convenient in that it does not require large construction costs. If the walls of the house itself are made of wood, you should give preference to a free-standing structure. Some types of insects that start in firewood can move to the walls of the main building and damage them.
  2. types of woodcutter

  3. Stand-alone woodshed on supports made of logs or metal. It has a slate roof and is installed in a well-ventilated place. The design provides optimal storage conditions for firewood.
  4. types of woodcutter

  5. Building in the form of a gazebo. Such a firewood shed is a complete structure with walls and a roof. It can also be used to store household equipment.
  6. types of woodcutter

  7. Drovnitsa combined with a brazier. If the kindling material is used only for cooking kebabs, you can get by with a small portable structure made of metal.
  8. types of woodcutter

What is a woodcutter made of?

Various materials are used for manufacturing. The most common are wood burners. As a basis, not only bars, but also pallets, chipboard sheets can be used. When choosing a material, it is necessary to pay attention to how the firewood shed provides optimal storage conditions. The building must be well ventilated, protected from moisture and direct sunlight.

Metal woodcutter

Forged structures have a presentable appearance and easily fit into the design of any site. The metal firewood has the following features:

  1. Long service life.
  2. Metal structures are often small in size. This is due to the large weight and high cost of the material.
  3. High resistance to humidity and other negative environmental factors.
  4. Reliability and durability.

metal woodcutter

wooden woodshed

Often there is a need to build a budget and inexpensive structure on the site. In this case, wood will be the best choice for manufacturing. The material is available and easy to process. A wooden firewood shed in the country has several features:

  1. It is easy to build it with your own hands. For the manufacture of the simplest design, a minimum set of tools is required.
  2. As a basis, you can use any kind of wood, including boards and timber.
  3. It is undesirable to install a woodcutter from logs along the wooden wall of the house. If another placement option is not possible, it is necessary to carefully treat the surface with a fire-retardant composition.

wooden woodshed

Polycarbonate firewood shed

Modern polymeric materials are distinguished by their affordable price, attractive appearance and ease of processing. A firewood shed made of polycarbonate is a simple and budget solution. During construction, it must be borne in mind that the material does not allow moisture to pass through, so it is worthwhile to think carefully about the ventilation system. From polycarbonate, you can make not only entire structures, but also individual elements of the woodshed, for example, a roof.

polycarbonate woodcutter

Woodcutter made of bricks

To create a durable structure, it is necessary to use durable and reliable materials. Brick firewood is resistant to frost, high humidity and temperature changes. It is built as a separate building. Outdoor firewood made of bricks has only one drawback — the high cost. For the construction will require a solid stable foundation and careful preparation of the base.

woodcutter made of bricks

Woodcutter — dimensions

When calculating the dimensions, it is necessary to calculate the volume of firewood used during the year. If the kindling material is used only in summer, the volume of the firewood shed should be from 2 to 4 m³. With permanent residence, a place for firewood should be able to accommodate a two-year supply. The optimal height of the structure is 2 m, and the width is from 50 to 100 cm. The length of the woodshed is selected depending on the parameters of the location and the volume of stored blanks.

Where to place a woodcutter?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a location:

  1. It is advisable to install a firewood shed for a summer residence on a dry, elevated area in order to ensure the removal of excess moisture.
  2. It is necessary to provide the possibility of vehicular access and provide a platform for unloading firewood.
  3. If firewood is required for permanent heating of the house, you should not build a barn at a great distance.
  4. When choosing a place, it should be remembered that the woodcutter gives a large shade, so it is undesirable to do it near light-loving plantations.
  5. It is not necessary to erect a structure next to the playground in order to ensure safety.
  6. The woodshed should be kept away from sources of fire and flammable objects.

Woodcutter in the interior

A place for storing firewood can be equipped not only on the site, but also inside the house. A small firewood rack for a fireplace, made of forged metal or wicker rods, will successfully fit into the interior. The design will provide convenient storage of firewood. A compact firewood rack can be organized as follows:

  • connect with a fireplace;
  • woodcutter in the interior

  • install as a separate building;
  • woodcutter in the interior

  • build into the wall.

woodcutter in the interior

How to build a woodshed with your own hands?

If you have a tool, the necessary materials and free time, you can build a structure for storing firewood yourself. To build a woodcutter with your own hands, you should:

  1. Prepare drawing. At the first stage, you need to decide on the location, design and materials used. In a small area, it is better to build a woodcutter in the form of an extension to the house. Depending on the volume and type of stored firewood, the dimensions of the structure are calculated.
  2. Choose construction technology. When building, you can use several types of materials. One of the main conditions for the preservation of firewood is a solid foundation raised above the ground. The roof of the woodcutter should protrude 20-30 cm beyond the front of the structure.
  3. Preparation of materials and construction. After construction is completed, it is worth treating the woodshed with protective compounds that prevent the spread of fire and rotting if wood was used for the construction.

Woodcutter from a profile pipe

Metal elements help create a strong and durable structure. Before you build a woodcutter from shaped pipes, you need to prepare a drawing, concrete for pouring the foundation and fasteners. Construction is carried out in several stages:

  1. First you need to prepare a columnar foundation. For each support, a hole is dug, the depth of which should reach the freezing line of the soil. A pole is installed in each hole and a concrete mixture is poured.
  2. After the foundation has hardened, you can begin to build the frame. Sections of the profile pipe are fastened together by welding, metal corners or screws.
  3. It is necessary to start the construction of the frame from distant supports. Then the side and front elements of the woodshed are erected.
  4. When attaching vertical supports, it is worth using a laser level to prevent deviation.
  5. The final stage is the sheathing of the walls and the construction of the roof, which protects against moisture. You can use slate or tiles. Walls are often left open or sheathed with polycarbonate sheets.

Do-it-yourself woodcutter from pallets

One of the easiest DIY options is building from wooden pallets. A woodcutter from pallets can be built independently quickly and without a significant investment of time:

  1. Having chosen a place for construction and having cleared the site, it is necessary to prepare the foundation. For a large woodcutter, you need to make a formwork and fill it with concrete. If the wood storage shed is compact, you can use simple wooden beams as a foundation that will raise the floor a few centimeters.
  2. To prevent rotting, the wooden foundation must be treated with an antiseptic composition.
  3. Pallets are installed on fixed boards. Between them there should be a distance that allows you to insert structural parts into the gaps.
  4. Vertical pallets are installed from the outer to the inner edge. If the woodshed is located near the house, the rear elements must be additionally attached to the wall.
  5. The side walls are made of pallets along which long beams are attached to ensure the stability of the structure. Pallets are fixed to each other using metal fasteners or anchors.
  6. Pallets or simple boards can be used as the basis for the roof. Slate, profiled sheet or metal tile is laid on them.


Woodcutter from barrels

A small and compact design can be made from large volume metal containers. Do-it-yourself woodcutter in the country from barrels does not require special skills and complex tools. For its construction it is necessary:

  1. Take two metal barrels with a volume of 200 liters. Cut each into 3 pieces.
  2. The resulting rings are attached to each other in 3 tiers in the form of a pyramid.
  3. The design is fixed on the wall of a residential building or any other room. Such a woodcutter can be installed next to the bathhouse or near the outbuilding.

woodcutter from barrels

How to arrange a woodshed?

Competent decoration will help to make a place for storing firewood not only functional, but also attractive. To make a beautiful woodcutter, you can use the following techniques:

  1. If the place and design of the roof allows, a small flower bed can be placed on it.
  2. how to make a woodcutter

  3. The building can be decorated with climbing plants.
  4. how to make a woodcutter

  5. If the woodshed is built, the outer surface can be treated with special compounds that emphasize the natural structure of the material. Impregnation will give a noble color and shine.
  6. how to make a woodcutter

  7. A free-standing or portable woodcutter can be decorated with wrought iron elements.
  8. how to make a woodcutter

  9. Since the woodcutter is often installed in a sunny place, a light-charging lamp can be attached to it.
  10. how to make a woodcutter

  11. If the woodshed is an extension to the main building, it is worth using the same materials for its decoration as for the facade.
  12. how to make a woodcutter

How to stack firewood in a woodshed?

The main condition for the safety of kindling material is the absence of moisture and good conditions for ventilation. You can lay firewood in the following way:

  1. To accommodate the bottom row, the longest and heaviest logs are selected. They are placed in one row perpendicular to the wall of the house or the back surface if the woodshed shed is a separate building.
  2. When laying the first row, it is necessary to maintain a distance of 15-20 cm between the logs. Since this firewood lies closest to the ground, it is important to create good conditions for ventilation.
  3. For the second row, thinner logs are selected. They fill the gaps between the bottom logs.
  4. When laying, you need to ensure that the angle of inclination of the firewood to the wall is maintained. For placement at the edges, it is necessary to choose thicker logs that will ensure the stability of the entire structure.
  5. Every 3-4 rows, you need to place several logs perpendicular to the main rows.
  6. Do not stack to the very top of the woodcutter. There should be free space that will provide ventilation and ease of getting fuel.
  7. If the woodshed is located on a slope, the logs must be stacked so that the bevel is directed towards the main wall, which will create additional support.

how to stack firewood in a woodshed

After the very first laying, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the firewood, especially after rain and in strong winds. It may be necessary to strengthen the woodshed on the sides with additional elements. If a lot of water accumulates in the storage area, you need to install a moisture removal system. To protect against slanting rain and snow, one of the walls, located on the windward side, can be made of a solid metal or polymer sheet.


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