The combination of colors of the roof and facade of the house


combination of colors of the roof and facade of the house 0

The issue of combining the color of the roof and the facade of the house should be given special attention, since the overall appearance of the building depends on well-chosen colors. In order to harmoniously combine the color of the roof with the color of the facade, some decorating rules should be taken into account.

The choice of the color of the roof and facade should be made taking into account the architectural style of the building, for example, the exterior of a house in a classical style does not accept bright color combinations, leaning towards pastel, chocolate brown shades.

Most often, to decorate the appearance of the house, a combination of two primary colors is used, sometimes adding a third to them as a decoration for elements on the facade that need to be highlighted.

Houses with complex architectural forms should not be painted in bright colors, it is better to choose calm light shades, for example, pistachio color is very fashionable for the roof this year, it blends perfectly with the surrounding vegetation.

The most traditional, conservative scheme in the selection of colors for the roof and facade is a dark top — a light bottom. As a rule, roofs do not change for a long time, and facades can be updated more often, so the color of the roof should be chosen initially.

Combination rules

A brown roof is quite common today, especially since it is easy to choose a combination that matches the color scheme with the facade of the house for it. The facade of the house in white, beige, gray tones looks great in combination with a brown roof, while blue, yellow and green facades look quite original, contrasting and bright. In this case, individual fragments of the facade can be painted to match the roof.

The combination of a red roof with different colors of the facade, for example, pink, gray, white, and beige, looks quite extravagant. Such a house will certainly attract attention and will not merge with the environment. A house that uses contrasting colors in the design looks creative and individual, it is very important not to overdo it.


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