Swing nest — description, specifications, existing dimensions, how to choose the right one?


Swing nest - description, specifications, existing dimensions, how to choose the right one?

One of the varieties of children’s attractions is the nest swing, which differs from the usual counterparts both in appearance and in operation features. They can be hung both in the house and in the open air, having made, if desired, independently.

Nest swing — description

The swing-nest got its name for the unusual weaving shape of the seat in the form of a circle or oval. There are other names of the attraction:

  • basket;
  • swing cobweb;
  • oval;
  • swing.

This design consists of the following elements:

  1. The seat itself with a rigid frame and weaving of various types of strong ropes or cables.
  2. System of four suspensions with rings and carabiners.
  3. Specialized racks made of wood or metal. The attraction can also be hung on natural supports, for example, a strong tree branch or floor beam, if there is enough free space around the perimeter.

swing nest description

Nest swing — technical specifications

Such hanging swings are never empty on playgrounds. They are loved by both adults and children for some differences from the usual frame counterparts:

  1. Outdoor swing-nest, depending on the shape and load capacity, can accommodate not one child, but several and even adults. The simplest models can withstand weight from 70 to 150 kg. There are also adult varieties with a load capacity of 250 kg.
  2. Sitting on them is more comfortable due to the slight sagging of the weave, which takes the shape of the body. In the summer, such an attraction, with a special waterproof pillow, can become a resting place for a child or a cradle for an infant.
  3. It is possible to swing on such a structure both in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Older children like to spin around their axis.
  4. Thanks to the mesh structure, the attraction does not collect rainwater and snow, is not afraid of precipitation and sunburn, so it can be used all year round.

Nest swing — dimensions

Manufacturing companies produce attractions not only in various shapes, but also in sizes:

  1. Round baby swing-nest are sold with a diameter of 60 to 120 cm. On order, you can also make more massive structures for the rest of several adults.
  2. Oval copies more common sizes are 100 by 110 cm and 120 by 130 cm. They are convenient to use as a safe outdoor cradle for small children.
  3. Rectangular nest swing not widely used, since this form is not convenient to use, the seat can turn over.

swing nest sizes

How to choose a nest swing?

Having decided to fix a hanging swing-nest at home or in the country, you can purchase a finished model or make it yourself. When choosing a store copy, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Shape and size. They are especially worth considering if several children will use the nest swing at once. All babies must be comfortably seated on the ride at the same time. For one child, a seat with a diameter of 60 cm is enough.
  2. load capacity. If the model is chosen for use not only by children, but also by adults, then it is better to stop at a more durable option.
  3. Manufacturer. Stork nest swings can be produced not only by imported Belgian companies, which are the founders of this idea, but also by Russian companies. It is only important that the products have all the necessary quality certificates.
  4. Appearance. If the attraction will decorate the street, then it will not be superfluous to purchase a bright copy that attracts the eye and organically fits into the color scheme of the playground.

Swing stand-nest

A round swing-nest with a net is attached to a specialized or natural support:

  1. Racks are made of a bar with a section of 10×10 cm or a profiled pipe with a diameter of at least 12 cm.
  2. The simplest option for their location is in the shape of the letter A.
  3. The distance between the posts on which the metal crossbar is fixed must be no less than the height of the swing itself.
  4. The length of the cables of finished specimens varies around 2 m, so any model can be hung at a comfortable height.
  5. A web swing or nest can be fixed on a strong tree branch or gazebo beam with a special hook with rings and carabiners.

swing rack nest

Do-it-yourself nest swing

It is quite realistic with a great desire to make a swing-nest with your own hands, since the instruction for their manufacture suggests using the simplest materials and tools:

  1. As a rigid frame for the seat, you can use gymnastic hoops or a steel water pipe, which is bent on a pipe bending machine to the desired diameter and connected with special clamps.
  2. For a soft layer, you will need foam rubber with a thickness of at least 3 cm, thin felt and waterproof fabric of any color. The material can be replaced by a braid with any ropes.
  3. Safety jute or polypropylene rope with a thickness of 5 to 12 mm. The diameter will affect the carrying capacity and appearance of the future structure. The required length is selected in the process of work, so it is better to buy with a margin.
  4. A set of rings, carabiners and ropes for attaching the seat to the support.

How to weave a nest swing with your own hands?

After creating and sheathing the frame for a round swing-nest, it is worth proceeding to the most responsible and creative stage — weaving the seat. You can come up with your own pattern, or use the simplest option called «web»:

  1. The first two loops are stretched and aligned so that their intersection is strictly in the middle of the seat.
  2. Then all other loops are evenly stretched around the perimeter.
  3. For more reliable fixation, each knot is impregnated with an aqueous emulsion of PVA glue.
  4. The braid of the web can be made of a softer cable sheathed with fabric. Weaving starts from the central knot in a circle with a constant increase in diameter.
  5. Outdoor swing-nest for giving can be supplemented with a soft waterproof cushion according to the size of the seat.

how to weave a swing nest with your own hands


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