Rattan furniture for summer cottage


Rattan furniture for summer cottage

Today, many of us have dachas. And in order to be able to relax outside the city with pleasure after a working week, it is necessary to create suitable conditions for this. Outdoor furniture plays an important role in creating a comfortable and cozy design that promotes relaxation and rest. Most often, popular wicker rattan furniture is purchased for summer cottages: sofas and armchairs, chairs and tables.

Such furniture is made from rattan: long lianas with special properties. Tropical liana — natural rattan — grows in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Even in ancient times, the masters of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia learned how to make wicker furniture, which was distinguished by its special strength and plasticity. Nowadays, you can find many different options for country furniture made of natural rattan, both stylish and expensive, and quite modest, budget.

Country furniture made of artificial rattan

Specialists created an artificial rattan: long threads of synthetic material with a silk thread inside. Thanks to this structure of artificial vines, products made from them are very durable, environmentally friendly, resistant to external influences: they are not afraid of the sun, rain, bright sunlight. And in appearance, products made of artificial rattan are no different from their «natural counterparts». Chairs, sofas and chairs made of artificial rattan are very durable and practical. They can serve their owners for 20-25 years without losing their attractive appearance. In addition, country furniture made of artificial rattan is very light: it will not be difficult to rearrange a wicker rocking chair or a table with chairs from one place to another.

Rattan Furniture Manufacturing Technique

The process of making wicker rattan furniture is quite complicated. Basically, this is handmade, during which the curved frame is braided with thin lianas. The parts are fastened together with special pins, and the fastening points are also braided. Then the product is painted, most often in various shades of wood, and covered with a layer of varnish. Weaving patterns can be very diverse.

Rattan garden furniture is easy to care for. From time to time, you need to remove dirt and dust accumulated in the weaves with a damp cloth and a soft brush. Artificial rattan furniture can be washed with just water and a hose. Then the products must be dried in the open air.


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