Lifting swing gates


Lifting swing gates

Many drivers treat the car like a member of their family. Therefore, it is not surprising that the arrangement of the garage takes a lot of money and time. Lift-and-turn gates appeal to everyone who wants to protect their workplace from dust and cold. In addition, the automatic device makes the appearance of the room much more attractive.

Description of overhead garage door

The installation of this type of gate requires certain conditions that guarantee its normal operation. This applies, first of all, to the size of the opening. Its parameters must be at least 2 m 85 cm in height and not more than 5 m in width. The installation of guides requires a distance from the wall to the edge of the opening of at least 120 mm, and 210 mm from the ceiling to the top edge of the opening. These figures are adjusted depending on the dimensions of the car.

It is quite difficult to crack the structure, since it consists of one shield, which, when lifted, moves towards the ceiling. Reliable lift-and-turn gates are made of steel or sandwich panels of the appropriate quality. More affordable thin materials do not have the feature of 100% property protection.

Equipped with photocells and an overload sensor, the mechanism of the up-and-over gate will stop them if there is a sudden obstacle during closing and will perform the same action if something appears in the garage opening, reliably holding the structure in the right position for the required time. Special bushings hide the tension springs, thereby protecting your hands from accidental damage. And the click system will convince you that the gate is closed. Eminent companies offer multifunctional drives to control the mechanism.

Some firms offer customers the manufacture of gates to order, use the possibility of their insulation, glazing, the construction of a ventilation grill and a walk-through door. The design of the canvas itself is represented by a variety of colors from neutral white to dark shades, it will complement any garage design. Overhead swing garage doors open and close perfectly by hand. But, you can really appreciate the convenience and comfort of this device only in inclement weather, sitting at the wheel of a car with a remote control in your hands.

Model Disadvantages

Despite the numerous positive qualities, the gate has several disadvantages. Raising the shield prevents you from driving too close to the garage. In addition, there may be problems with delivery, since the bulky structure is quite difficult to transport.


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