Frame garage — device, pros and cons, main types, dimensions of the garage


Frame garage - device, pros and cons, main types, dimensions of the garage

Any vehicle needs a place where it will be protected from adverse external conditions. The most affordable way to save a car is a frame garage. Its construction does not require large financial costs and is within the power of anyone who knows how to manage tools.

Frame garage — device

A parking lot of this type is simple in design. The garage frame itself is much lighter than that of concrete, block or brick counterparts. Built using the right technologies, it is operated in the same way as monolithic buildings. On the other hand, a frame garage has a much more practical device. On its territory you can place:

The building itself consists of:

  • foundation;
  • frame made of wood or metal;
  • sheathing;
  • roofs;
  • gate.

In addition, part of the room is converted into a workshop. There you can put a workbench equipped with a vice, tool boxes. Shelves are hung in an easily erected building to place cans of paint, packages with household chemicals and various small things on them. The owner of the parking space can arrange the interior according to his wishes. It all depends on the needs of the person and the size of the building itself.

device frame garage

Frame garage — pros and cons

Lightweight buildings have become widespread due to a number of good reviews from their owners. First of all, you can build a garage on a frame yourself from inexpensive and common materials. Its construction does not require special knowledge and building skills. The main advantages of a frame garage are:

  • low cost;
  • simple installation;
  • fast erection;
  • a wide range of designs and sizes;
  • environmental safety;
  • long-term operation.

Disadvantages of use:

  • fire hazard;
  • weather-resistant wooden structure;
  • low level of protection in case of penetration.

Types of frame garage

Buildings for placing cars are different: monolithic, brick, concrete, made of wall panels, shields. In addition, frame garages are popular, the installation of which does not require a solid foundation. The most common are wooden structures. In addition, they build a frame garage from a profile pipe. All types of buildings are easy to build and easy to use.

Wooden frame garage

Structures from a bar are completely made of natural material. Metal here are only fasteners and connecting parts: perforated iron corners, plates. A durable frame wooden garage is made of timber 100×100 or 150×150 mm in size. Additionally, boards 15×50 and 25×20 mm are used. OSB boards with a thickness of 9 mm are suitable for sheathing. The wooden structure includes the following parts:

  • foundation;
  • bottom harness;
  • frame of vertical and corner posts;
  • top cover;
  • rafters;
  • roof.

types of frame garage

Frame garage made of corrugated board

Lightweight buildings for parking a car can be assembled from metal sheets. Decking is made of durable rolled steel, which is cut to any length. They make a frame garage from galvanized steel sheets painted in different colors. Sold options treated with a polymer layer on top. By design, metal buildings are:

  1. collapsible, in which the parts are fastened with self-tapping screws. Such a structure is easy to dismantle and install in another place.
  2. Non-separablewhich are installed on the foundation and fixed by welding.

types of frame garage

Frame garage dimensions

The construction of a structure made of wooden beams or metal sheets is conveniently located on personal plots. You can often see a frame garage attached to the house. This option is mounted to country cottages, combining them with a similar design. Buildings can be of different sizes:

  • a small building to accommodate one car;
  • spacious buildings for two cars;
  • a comfortable two-story frame garage with rooms upstairs;
  • wide building with a canopy.

Frame garage dimensions

DIY frame garage

Due to the apparent simplicity of a structure made of timber or metal, one should not neglect the preparation of an accurate drawing or project. Before you build a frame garage, you need to make calculations and decide on the main parameters:

  1. Location. The building will be located separately or will be attached to the house.
  2. Capacity. Determine how many cars you want to put in a frame garage.
  3. Additional areas. It is necessary to decide whether the second floor or utility room will be adjusted.
  4. Material. They immediately determine what to make the frame from and how to sheathe the walls.
  5. Foundation. Find out which base is suitable for the future garage.
  6. Communications. Decide whether you need an eyeliner to the structure of gas, water or heating.

Foundation for frame garage

Any construction always begins with the foundation of the building. It directly affects the stability of the structure and its resistance to aggressive environmental influences. Before laying it, it is important to choose and prepare the right place. The free area is cleared of debris, landings and leveled. Pegs are placed at the four corners of the future structure and markings are made. Then proceed to digging and pouring the base. You can choose the foundation for a frame garage as follows:

  1. From the plate. Such a base is reliable and durable due to additional reinforcement. This is the most convenient option for light structures.
  2. frame garage

  3. Strip foundation. This type is considered profitable and common, because it does not require filling the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe garage.
  4. frame garage

  5. Column Foundation. This type is rarely used for the construction of frame structures. The base of the pillars is used during construction on soft soils.

frame garage

Garage frame

The next stage of construction is the assembly of the base. Interestingly, you can combine wooden elements and corrugated board during installation. The following algorithm of actions will tell you how to assemble a frame garage:

  1. First, tie the lower elements. This is necessary so that the details of the entire structure are firmly connected to the foundation. The frame garage is joined from a bar with the help of anchors. The metal is joined by welding.
  2. Then a reliable base for the floor is made. It is made from log logs, on top of which boards are laid.
  3. The next step is to carry out the upper strapping. Perform it according to the principle of the bottom, depending on the material used.
  4. At the end of the installation, the roof frame is equipped. The crate is more convenient to make from boards, to which it is easier to attach the sheathing in the future.

frame garage

How to sheathe a frame garage?

After laying the foundation and mounting the box, the exterior decoration of the structure is carried out. As a result, the frame garage takes on a more presentable appearance. In addition, the outer cladding well saves the frame and the interior from the effects of aggressive environmental conditions. You can build a frame garage from the following materials:

  • wooden beams and OSB boards;
  • not painted, painted or galvanized corrugated board.

Make the outer skin according to the algorithm:

  • measure the dimensions of the walls;
  • prepare material of the same parameters;
  • fasten it to the frame with screws or welding;
  • leave gaps of 2-3 mm between the wooden sheathing to reduce deformation.

Roof for frame garage

If the upper part of the building is being built independently, then a complex structure should not be erected. The roof for a frame garage can be of the following types:

  1. Shed. This is the simplest kind that is done with minimal construction experience. If you make a frame garage with a shed roof, then the water after the rain will drain from one side. Before the construction of this type of roof, one wall is raised relative to the others by 30-40 cm to create an angle of inclination.
  2. frame garage

  3. gable. A roof of this type is assembled from individual elements. These are triangular frame structures, whose size depends on the width of the structure and the angle of inclination of the upper part. Part of the roof is assembled below on the ground, and then installed on the upper wall trim.

frame garage

How to insulate a frame garage?

The building for car parking can be operated year-round or seasonally. In the first option, the issue of warming the structure should be resolved. Knowing how to build a frame garage with your own hands, you can independently perform internal work. It is easier to make them than in rooms that are designed for life. As a heat-insulating material, you can use:

  1. glass wool. It is placed between vertical racks. The optimal thickness of glass wool is from 40 to 50 mm.
  2. Styrofoam. It is not used for thermal insulation of residential premises due to low toxicity. However, it is suitable for garages due to its low cost and ease of use.

Gate for frame garage

The last stage of construction is the installation of window frames, doors. In addition, gates are mounted. The construction of a frame garage with your own hands allows the installation of these types of gates for a frame structure:

  1. Swing. This is the most convenient design for self-installation. The shape of such gates is similar to wide doors that swing open outwards.
  2. frame garage

  3. Sliding. This form is complemented by an automatic type device. Sliding gates move along the rails in one direction, reacting to a signal from the control panel.

frame garage


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