Borders for paving slabs


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Curbs for paving slabs are designed to hold the pavement on a concrete or gravel base in a given perimeter, they protect it from spreading and increase resistance to operational loads. The border gives the path in the garden a finished look, fastens its edges, prevents the growth of grass and delimits green spaces, flower beds on the site.

Types of borders for paving slabs

The border can be low or high, straight or rounded. It is important that it fits under the main coating. Brick is especially popular for arranging borders. It harmoniously combines with paths made of crushed stone, paving stones or stone. In most cases, the brick is laid at a slight slope, and the curb takes the form of oblique teeth.

The standard way of framing paths is concrete curbs, they emphasize the strict geometry of the garden, have significant weight and are installed on the mortar in the prepared trench. A rectangular shape is used for arranging plots. The product is made from high-quality cement with the addition of plasticizers and dyes. From short products, you can lay out objects of the most bizarre appearance.

Also, basalt, granite, sandstone and other rocks, porcelain stoneware, expanded clay can be used for the production of borders. This type of border harmoniously looks in gardens with a natural design. The choice depends on the type of track coverage and the budget of the buyer.

In addition to stone options, there is a flexible plastic curb for paving slabs. It is made from a material that is resistant to the environment, and is used to fence not only paths, but also flower beds, beds, flower beds. Due to its plasticity, it can be installed straight and along any curved lines. The elements are attached to the ground with plastic nails. Plastic products have a wide variety of shapes and colors, they can imitate a stone fence of a selected height, decorative brick, concrete curly sections, wood. The material is available in the form of a flexible plastic tape or sections of different colors and shapes.

The arrangement of garden paths is an important stage in the improvement of the site. A properly selected border for paving slabs will help smooth out the possible disadvantages of a landscape project and emphasize the unique style and beauty of the garden.


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