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A well-groomed lawn on the site brings many benefits. The velvet green coating pleases the eyes of the owners, improves the surrounding space. There is an opinion that 500 sq. m of lawn per year neutralize up to 4 tons of dust. Clean, humidified air in the area will allow you to enjoy life.

The question arises, how to make a lawn in the country with your own hands, the task is feasible. It is important to follow the principle: to make lawns slowly and soundly. Before starting work, you should decide on the place and purpose.

If the site is determined according to the design of the site and layout, then the type of grass for sowing is chosen carefully based on the purpose of using the lawn. You can sunbathe on it, have parties, children will play football or tennis. Each of these activities requires a separate cover and grass variety.

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Location selection

When planning landscaping, the fact of illumination and humidity of the chosen place is taken into account. A good lawn requires more light, openness, no blackout. Grass does not grow in the dark zone near the house, outbuildings.

Lawn grass does not like high humidity soil, well-arranged drainage of the site will be the basis of a healthy lawn. It is necessary to water in the conditions of central Russia in the morning, so that by the evening the grass has time to dry out, and undesirable processes do not begin in it.

You can’t sow a lawn under the trees, under the crown the lawn grass will die out:

  • the developed roots of the tree will take away the nutrients;
  • the branches will create a blackout, slowing down photosynthesis.

The sown grass simply will not grow, it is better to immediately abandon planting under the trees. Aesthetic appearance and cleanliness under the crowns are created with the help of decorative crumbs.

The site should be flat, the steepness of the slopes of more than 30 degrees provokes erosion, washing out of the soil. Steep slopes should be smoothed and reinforced with geo-grid.

In places of constant movement, you should not make a lawn surface, even a sports one. Constant pressure will compact the ground under the grass, the lack of air flow to the roots will destroy the grass.

Plan the landscaping of the site in winter, in the spring you can start work. Practice shows that lawn mixtures take root better in the spring. No need to sow the lawn in the summer, it is better in the fall. The moment when the rains shed the earth will be the best for late sowing.

Varieties of lawns

Making a single garden lawn in the country with your own hands is simple and hassle-free. Cereal seeds are undemanding to environmental conditions, tolerate shade and sun, grow on any soil. Such a coating is formed slowly, the time from sowing to the first mowing is up to six months. It is for recreation areas, patios, areas near the pools that this type is chosen.

Parterre or English lawn is made for aesthetic purposes, its purpose is contemplation. The seeds of expensive grasses require fertilized soil, regular watering, top dressing, they love sunny places and are afraid of trampling.

Proper mowing of the lawn is essential, otherwise uneven grass coverage will appear, which will be difficult to correct. In the landscape, the English lawn looks luxurious, but this is not a place for games or barbecues.

Mauritanian is the most fun type of lawn. Brightly flowering field herbs with butterflies fluttering over it, bees have a lively attractive appearance. It is easy to create a Mauritanian lawn mixture by choosing seeds of annuals and perennials by color and flowering time.

Lawn for the lazy. White clover seeds will solve the problem of how to make a beautiful lawn quickly and effortlessly. Of course, the site for it must be prepared according to all requirements, but clover sprouts quickly. It is rarely sheared, to clean up faded plants, it is allowed to grow to a new level of flowers.

A sports lawn is arranged for a playground or playground. Coarse sports grasses are not afraid of trampling, they are cut to a low height, open spots of earth do not appear on such sites.

Sports turfs are dense, hard, unpretentious, but require the construction of a solid substrate to prevent the formation of bumps and breaks in the surface.

A universal or roll lawn is created quickly, simply using rolls of grown grass. Strips of grass with a thin layer of turf are sold prepared for planting in the chosen place. Rolls will not replace English or decorative lawn, but are suitable for playgrounds, high traffic paths.

A rolled lawn requires large financial investments, but after 2 weeks after laying, you will get a real lawn made in the country with your own hands.

Land preparation

The soil is prepared in five stages, they are done carefully and accurately. Alteration of an unimportantly prepared site will be immeasurably difficult.

Clear the area from debris, stones, stumps. Destroy weeds in any way possible.

Create a drainage system. Places of waterlogging, if any, are easy to determine. They hold water for a while after rain. In place of puddles, dig holes 80-100 cm deep, pour expanded clay or just broken bricks on the bottom, then gravel and a layer of 10 cm of sand. Pour fertile soil on top, at least 40 cm. Excess water will pass through this layer into the drainage, the lawn will not get wet.

Level and dig the area. You can pull the cords on pegs, you can use levels, the devices will show bumps and pits, the first ones are cut off, the second ones are buried. Dig up the leveled area, re-remove weeds, stones and other debris.

Tamp the soil. The readiness of this stage is determined simply, just stand on the ground and look at the remaining trace. If it does not deepen, then you can sow grass.

Loosen the thin top layer of the earth with a rake, the seeds should gain access to air and moisture. Successfully completed stages will allow you to start sowing lawn seeds or laying rolls.

grass sowing process

The lawn will not be even if you just sow it by hand, the mixture will be scattered unevenly. The following technique will help to plant the lawn correctly: mix the seeds with sand in a 1: 1 ratio, take the seed rate per 1 sq. meter, divide the plot into square meters, sow sequentially meter by meter.

The process is slow, but in this way the area is sown more evenly. Sprinkle the seeds with a thin layer of earth and roll with a shaft, tamp with a board to keep the seeds from birds. Carefully water the earth, without washing off the seeds, observe an even distribution.

At first, weeds will come out along with the blades of grass. After 1-2 mowings, the weed grass dies, and the lawn grass grows, becomes a green, thick carpet.

Examples of a beautiful lawn are shown in the photo in our gallery.

Photo of a beautiful lawn on the site

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