Arbors from a bar


Arbors from a bar

For many centuries, arbors have been the most popular and functional decoration of garden design. Placed under a cozy canopy, you can retire, read a book, work, spend time in the company of loved ones, hiding from the scorching sun, wind or rain.

Today, such structures resemble real miniature works of art that harmoniously complement the existing design of the estate. A striking example of this are wooden arbors made of timber. Lovers of everything natural, eco-friendly and natural will appreciate both the practical and aesthetic qualities of buildings made from this material.

Pergolas for giving from a bar successfully fit into any design project of the yard. In combination with wooden, stone or brick buildings, they create a harmonious architectural ensemble. And given that the beam is easy to process, it can be used to create unique models of arbors of the most intricate shapes. Which options most conquer the hearts of modern summer residents, we will tell in our article.

Gazebo from glued laminated timber

As you know, the use of a solid array of wood for buildings of such a plan is not a cheap pleasure. That is why glued, rounded or profiled timber acts as a reliable alternative to a log. The first option is the most popular. Glued laminated timber is a reliable and durable material consisting of wooden boards of pine, spruce, fir or larch, which, after thorough cleaning, drying and pressing, are joined with natural-based glue.

Thanks to this building composition, glued laminated timber gazebos are environmentally friendly and durable. After laying, the construction does not shrink, therefore, after completing the construction of your masterpiece, you can immediately start painting, varnishing or decorative trimming.

Another indisputable advantage of this material is its resistance to mechanical damage. Pergolas made of glued beams do not require additional processing of the facade. Their even and smooth surface is not covered with cracks and does not deform over time. Due to the optimal moisture content of the timber and additional treatment with antiseptic agents, the gazebo does not rot and it is unlikely that harmful bacteria and fungal microorganisms will appear in it.

What are arbors made of timber?

In general, there are three main types of small architectural structures of this type: open, semi-open and closed.

The most versatile option for organizing a recreation area in the country is an open gazebo made of timber. Under a wooden canopy, ordinary garden furniture can be located: tables, chairs, benches or deck chairs.

For lovers of outdoor activities with barbecue and baked potatoes, an open or semi-open gazebo made of timber with a fireplace, barbecue grill and a summer dining room is suitable. Due to the special coating of the material, the surface of such a building is not flammable. Therefore, you can safely cook food on a fire, without worrying that a fire may start because of one coal that has fallen on the floor. Also, gazebos made of timber with a barbecue and a fireplace fit perfectly into any landscape design, creating a feeling of homeliness and hospitality in the yard.

A closed insulated gazebo made of timber with glazing is the right solution for those who want to relax in nature in the most comfortable conditions. A miniature house with comfortable furnishings, a fireplace or a barbecue will serve as a great place for family gatherings even in winter.


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