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Means of small-scale mechanization can greatly facilitate hard work on the ground. The cultivator is the most common equipment for processing small allotments and personal plots.

This review presents the best models with electric and gasoline engines of different capacities. The rating was compiled in several categories based on the characteristics of the models and the operating experience of some users.

The best light class gasoline cultivators (for summer cottages and a small plot)

4 Hyundai T 500

Hyundai T 500

Powered by a 4-stroke engine, this compact petrol cultivator is characterized by minimal environmental impact and fuel economy. It is very easy to operate and at the same time demonstrates impressive performance during the execution of tasks — a motor power of 3.5 hp. and a high-quality chain reducer contribute to this fully. This power plant has an increased service life, and can last up to 1500 hours, regardless of the nature of the loads.

For the convenience of users, the Hyundai T 500 cultivator provides the ability to adjust the height of the handle for any height, and there is also a removable wheel for transportation to the place of work. The cutters of this model have proven themselves well on difficult soils (they are able to go deep into the ground up to 25 cm), with the exception of virgin soil — the mechanical assistant is quite light to perform such tasks. In their reviews, the owners recommend this gasoline cultivator as the most maneuverable. Its compatibility with additional attachments is also positively noted: a potato digger, a hay mower and even a hiller will definitely not be superfluous in the country.

3 DDE V380 II Elf

DDE V380 II Elf

DDE V380 II Elf rightfully deserves a place in the list of the best light cultivators. The reason for inclusion in the rating was its excellent quality, which is noted by the majority of buyers. Which is quite natural, because the cultivator is equipped with an American Briggs and Stratton engine, which is traditionally good and worthy of high praise. The plowing strip is not wide, however, there are four cutters in the kit that perfectly loosen the ground. Among the shortcomings, one can note the large weight of the model, which, nevertheless, is leveled by reliable operation.

It is this characteristic that creates optimal conditions for work, improving engagement. Without such a load (32.5 kg), it would be difficult for the cultivator to sink into the soil, and so the cutters allow you to work the ground to a depth of up to 20 cm without much effort. In addition, high build quality ensures a longer service life.

2 Echo TC-210

Echo TC-210

The ease of control of the cultivator can also affect the distribution of places in the ranking. Echo TC-210 is exactly the model that women can handle. Its advantage lies in the total weight of the structure, which is only 9.5 kilograms. It is not necessary to expect miracles from technical characteristics. The engine is reliable, but its power is not enough for high-performance work. With soft soils, a gasoline cultivator will cope, if not quickly, then without visible problems. But hard ground, alas, can become an insurmountable obstacle.

This is partly due to the small weight of the cultivator (9.5 kg). It is perfect for loosening the soil in flower beds or on neat beds — women will be able to appreciate its characteristics and simple operation. Despite the low-power engine (1.2 hp), when processing soft soil, the cultivator is able to loosen the soil to a record depth of 25 cm.

1 Daewoo DAT 3555R

Daewoo DAT 3555R

The moderately powerful and productive gasoline cultivator Daewoo DAT 3555R becomes the triumphant of this rating category. Judging by user reviews, this model is devoid of all typical shortcomings. The engine produces 4.05 hp, which is enough for productive work. The kit includes four typesetting cutters, thanks to which you can adjust the plowing width. There is a tendency to bury the cutters deep into the ground, but with a reverse, this does not look like a big problem.

In the reviews, the owners point to the excellent build quality — the cultivator is reliable and fully prepared for various operating conditions. The engine does not need any maintenance, except for the timely replacement of engine oil. It is perfect for giving, while it is not necessary to leave it there for the winter. You just need to unscrew the steering column mount and quite light (30 kg) Daewoo DAT 3555 R will fit in the trunk of even a small car.

The best light and medium class electric cultivators

4 TARPAN 07-2.2

TARPAN 07-2.2

TARPAN 07-2.2 of domestic production is one of the most powerful among other electric models and is recommended for use in household plots up to 20 acres. It can be attributed to the middle class of electric cultivators — an engine of 2200 W (which is comparable to 3.85 hp) allows you to cultivate soils of various compositions, while not requiring additional care, like gasoline ones. The TARPAN 07-2.2 model, if necessary, can be quickly disassembled in the trunk of a car by disconnecting the handle and the engine.

The included self-sharpening cutters are made of high quality metal, have a long service life and allow you to crush and loosen the soil up to 0.7 meters wide. Owners like the opportunity to purchase additional attachments and significantly expand the scope of this electric cultivator.



The French company Pubert tried to develop an autonomous and practical model of a cultivator, equally good for both the garden and the cottage. Ultimately, the CAIMAN TURBO 1000 battery-powered electric cultivator appeared before users. This is its main advantage. The maximum width of the processed strip is 47 centimeters, which is an average. A distinctive feature is the presence of a reverse, since cases of dense jamming of cutters are not uncommon, and the only negative can be considered a high price. Otherwise, the model does not contain any features that require close attention, and takes a solid third place.

The owners like the silence during the operation of the electric cultivator — you can easily talk without raising your voice. The reviews also indicate that there is no need for long wires and any special maintenance — it is enough to monitor the timely charge of the battery. Despite moderate power (1.4 hp), the electric unit loosens the soil (prepared) to a depth of 24 cm and is equipped with a reverse speed, which increases the level of comfort when working on the site.

2 DDE ET1200-40

DDE ET1200-40

Perhaps this is the best solution for small open areas in the form of beds and closed greenhouses, greenhouses and greenhouses. The DDE ET1200-40 is distinguished not only by its low price, but also by its light construction. The power of the equipped engine is only 1.2 kW. If this cultivator copes with soft soil without problems, then great difficulties will arise with hard soil. The number of cutters in the kit is a pleasant surprise — for a processing width of 40 centimeters, their number is six. Among other things, users note the ease and simplicity of control, which is ensured by well-placed switches and installed wheels.

The owners in the reviews report that the model is not designed for processing large plots — the DDE ET1200-40, according to its characteristics, is completely unsuitable for earthworks of this volume. But on flower beds and in greenhouses, he feels more than confident. On prepared soil, it easily loosens the soil to a depth of 22 cm. Compliance with the tasks set for the capabilities of the electric cultivator will avoid disappointment and will become the key to reliable and long-term operation of the unit.

1 Elitech KB 4E

Elitech KB 4E

Amazingly, before becoming the best electric cultivator of this rating, Elitech KB 4E managed to pass the test of virgin soil. Despite the modest 2 kW engine, this model was able to demonstrate itself well when plowing sandstone and hard steppe lands. Of course, the performance leaves much to be desired, but this cultivator does not hold back in perseverance and strength. Everything in it is good: both technical characteristics, and price, and quality. The only disadvantages can be considered as the lack of a reverse gear, which greatly complicates the process of “digging out” the cutters when jammed, as well as dragging the power wire behind them.

Nevertheless, the electric cultivator fully met the expectations of the owners. High build quality, reliable components, no noise from a gasoline engine — this model allows you to turn the cultivation of the land in the country from a hard necessity into an easy and enjoyable experience. The margin of safety and German quality predetermined positive ratings in the reviews of the owners of the electric assistant.

The best cultivators of the middle class

4 Hammer RT-50A

Hammer RT-50A

Lightweight and at the same time has a capacity of 5 liters. with., this gasoline cultivator from Germany is designed for loosening the soil and cultivating the soil in gardens, with the ability to change the immersion depth of the cutters — from 14 to 36 cm. This model is quite simple and easy to operate. All the necessary levers are located on height-adjustable handles, and for transportation it is enough to remove the wheels and unscrew the steering column.

The engine that the Hammer RT-50A cultivator is equipped with meets EURO-II requirements and has a long service life. It is reliably protected from overheating and ingress of small particles by safety systems. The presence of a silencer minimizes the noise level, and a special mudguard-wing will not allow clods of earth to scatter in different directions, making it a pleasure to work with this cultivator. In the reviews, the owners highly appreciate the build quality, reliability and ease of operation.

3 Neva MK-200-S6.0

Neva MK-200-S6.0

On the third line of the rating is the Neva MK-200-C6.0 motor cultivator, which has rightfully earned recognition and popularity among users. Why is it so attractive to buyers? The fact is that its assembly is carried out on the territory of Russia, and components are produced by foreign companies. In this regard, the price of domestic equipment is lower than for foreign models, and the quality is commensurate with the latter. Despite such an implicit plus, the appearance and ease of use leave much to be desired. In addition, many complain about the disgusting service provided by the assembly company.

Nevertheless, the price and the gasoline engine developed by Japanese engineers (Subaru) have a serious impact on the choice of future owners. The reviews positively assess the presence of a reverse and the ability to connect attachments. With the extended functions of the cultivator in the country, you can forget about hard physical work and start enjoying digging potatoes, mowing grass and other labor-intensive tasks.

2 Tarpan TMZ-MK-03

Tarpan TMZ-MK-03

It is often possible to observe a situation when a middle-class cultivator catches up and outperforms heavier models. Such was the contender for the leading position, the gasoline cultivator Tarpan TMZ-MK-03. Its main advantage is the combination of the weight of the structure (only 45 kilograms) and a 6 hp gasoline engine. But, in a cruel irony, the advantage also becomes a major disadvantage. When plowing hard ground, the combination of high power and lightness does not provide enough downforce, causing the Tarpan to literally jump out of the ground.

Yes, it is not designed to work with problematic soil and virgin soil, but in prepared areas, in one pass, this gasoline cultivator is able to plow a strip of land up to a meter wide to a depth of 2/3 of a shovel bayonet (20 cm). The power reserve is enough to process an average summer cottage in a few hours. In the reviews of some owners, a solution is also described when plowing heavy soil — they simply hung an additional load at the base of the handle (a sandbag is perfect) and the cultivator, instead of “jumping”, began to bite into the “clogged” soil.

1 Champion BC6712

Champion BC6712

Crowns the rating and deservedly receives the title of «best» cultivator Champion BC6712, which combines high power, performance and an adequate price. This model is the best proof that the middle class can be better and cheaper than their heavy counterparts. The advantages of the «Champion» cultivator more than cover all the small and minor shortcomings, which, by the way, are not so many.

The owners highly appreciated both the cultivation depth — up to 33 cm, and the maximum working width, which is almost 90 cm. In addition, the powerful gasoline engine (5.5 hp) was awarded positive characteristics in the reviews. It is easy to maintain, unpretentious to the quality of fuel and ensures efficient operation of the cultivator on heavy soils.

The best heavy class cultivators

3 KaDvi Oka MB-1D1M13

KaDvi Oka MB-1D1M13

This heavy cultivator, although domestically produced, is equipped with a Subaru-Robin EX-17 gasoline engine, a distinctive feature of which is a high resource. It is easy for him to cope with virgin or stony soil — the diameter of the cutter is 39 cm. The width of the capture strip with the help of an additional set of knives reaches 113 cm — this is the highest figure among all models in the rating. Given the serious power reserve, it will take only a few hours to cultivate 15-20 acres.

The belt clutch and the presence of a reverse allow the owner to masterfully manage this heavy machine (100 kg). When installing pneumatic wheels instead of knives and connecting a special trailer to the coulter bar, the cultivator turns into a vehicle with a carrying capacity of up to 600 kg, and can perform a wide range of tasks for landscaping summer cottages or private households.



The CHAMPION BC8716 high-performance cultivator is recommended for use on hard and stony soils, with the ability to cultivate a plot of up to 3 hectares. Despite the fact that the gasoline engine is endowed with a power of 7 hp, it is quite economical in terms of fuel consumption — on average, 0.4 liters of fuel is enough for an hour of work.

Steel milling cutters during the operation of the cultivator at the first speed, carry out about 156 revolutions per minute and can go deep into the ground by 33 cm. At the same time, the maximum band coverage reaches 83 cm, which reduces the time of work on a large area. Also, you can use the reverse or unlock the wheels for a more convenient turn or avoid obstacles. In the reviews, the owners are satisfied with their choice — the device has high stability, good cultivation depth, can pull a trolley, in a word, it is indispensable for suburban households or large summer cottages. In addition, the choice was influenced by factors such as high build quality and the fairest price.

1 Husqvarna TF 338

Husqvarna TF 338

In the class of heavy cultivators, there is an acute lack of competition. Therefore, the Husqvarna TF 338 becomes the best and only model in this rating category. The manufacturing company is famous for its self-sufficiency, therefore this cultivator model is equipped with a 4.89-powerful Husqvarna gasoline engine. The processing width is 95 centimeters, which is achieved through the use of a set of eight cutters. The only drawback can be considered a high price, but it is leveled by good performance and branded reliability.

In addition, the pneumatic wheels included in the delivery set will allow you to use the cultivator as a vehicle for transporting various goods — from building materials to harvested crops. It is enough to attach a trailer trolley instead of an opener. The presence of a reverse, high build quality and component parts are far from the only advantages that the owners pay attention to in their reviews. Convenient operation, attractive appearance (the motor is protected by tubular arches resembling an SUV body kit) only reinforce the positive impression — everyone who has seen it definitely likes the cultivator.

What to look for when choosing a cultivator

The choice of a cultivator, as well as the choice of other equipment, should be based on the key characteristics inherent in it. In order not to regret the choice made, to find the ideal model that can last for many years without serious complaints and breakdowns, pay attention to the following points.

Engine power. This characteristic is the very first and most important. Choosing a high power cultivator will increase fuel and maintenance costs, while a low power one can simply fail from overload.

Reducer type. This parameter largely determines the dimensions of the cultivator. If compactness is important to you, then a worm gear cultivator will be an ideal option. For larger models, chain and gear types of step-down devices are used.

Cultivator weight. Here things are somewhat different. The situation is twofold: the lighter the walk-behind tractor, the easier it is to manage, but the performance leaves much to be desired. Therefore, the selection of this characteristic is purely individual and depends on the preferences of the user himself.

The presence of a reverse. Reverse is very useful when the working element tightens or jams when moving forward. Therefore, its presence in the functions will be a good plus when choosing a cultivator.

Maximum width and depth of processing. These parameters characterize the speed of work on the cultivation and plowing of the land. Models with different types of engines have different width and depth thresholds, since the aforementioned power plays a key role here.


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