Best shovels 2022


Best shovels 2022

«Komsomolskaya Pravda» chooses the best shovels of 2021: for summer cottages, gardens and construction, as well as the opinion of a specialist in choosing a quality tool
Best shovels 2022
The best shovels. Photo:

The shovel is considered the oldest tool of labor. Of course, then they looked different and resembled an elongated stick with a point or a kind of modern substrate at the end. They were made not only from wood, but also from bones and horns. Today, this instrument has become an indispensable companion of civilization. The machine is still not able to fully replace manual labor, and therefore people continue to improve household tools.

Komsomolskaya Pravda has studied the best shovels presented in stores in 2022 and talks about how to choose a tool.

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Editor’s Choice

1. TRUPER PRY-P 17160 (from 1000 rubles)

TRUPER PRY-P 17160. Photo:

Today, manufacturers of the best shovels prefer steel or plastic handles, and wooden products are considered a budget option. Although we have a really good example of a tool that just breaks the rule. This bayonet shovel is made in Mexico. Its bucket is slightly concave, something resembling a hemisphere. The shaft at the end also has a bend for the convenience of digging. The cutting tree is American Ash. The orange plastic handle is covered with rubber for comfort.

In the reviews, buyers write that digging up beds with such a curved shovel is not very convenient. Although it all depends on the scope of work. But on the other hand, it is convenient to dig bushes. Also already out of the store, it is sharp enough to cut the roots. Praise her for a solid assembly. The only drawback is the size of a little more than one meter. If you are tall, you will have to get used to its dimensions.


canvas Stainless steel
cutting Wooden, length 102 cm
The weight 1.5 kg
Price quality
Not very suitable for digging beds

2. Center tool Finland 0737 (from 2000 rubles)

Centrifuge Finland 0737
Center tool Finland 0737. Photo:

Another Russian manufacturer that has been working in the market of garden tools for a long time. Their «Finland» model is not cheap. It is positioned as a universal one — both to dig in the garden and to use it at a construction site. The bayonet itself was made of stainless steel. Pay attention to its shape: at first it may seem that this is just a design with some kind of letter «M». But in fact, it is correctly called stiffeners. They are designed to increase strength. The body becomes less brittle to fracture.

If you look closely at the photo, you will notice teeth on one of the edges of the shovel. These are notches that are convenient to deal with weeds. The handle was made from aluminium. And it cool played into the hands of her weight. With its length (123 cm), it weighs only one kilogram and a quarter. The crowning handle was not only made of plastic, but also added an elastic band for easy carrying.


canvas Stainless steel
cutting Wooden, length 123 cm
The weight 1.25 kg
Unusual stem design

3. FISKARS Solid 1026686 (from 800 rubles)

FISKARS Solid 1026686
FISKARS Solid 1026686. Photo:

This brand has a large selection of all kinds of garden shovels. This is a popular bayonet pattern. It is distinguished by its simplicity of design. The steel handle is crowned with an ergonomic plastic D-handle. You can’t call it light at all — the weight is approaching two kilos. But some like to feel the instrument. Plus, it’s still the weight of high-quality metal. The manufacturer used boron steel. It is an alloy of carbon and iron to which boron has been added. In the right proportions, this substance has a positive effect on the strength of the structure.

The shovel blade is attached to the handle by a welded joint. That is, nothing will fall off over time, unless in the process of diligent exploitation you yourself break the shovel. However, you still need to try. The only negative that we were able to find in customer reviews is the edge of the blade — it is blunt. If necessary, you will have to modify the tool yourself or dig with what you have.


canvas Stainless steel
cutting Metal, length 116 cm
The weight 1.89 kg
not sharpened

What other shovels are worth paying attention to

4. GARDENA ClassicLine 17051-20 (from 1000 rubles)

GARDENA ClassicLine 17051-20
GARDENA ClassicLine 17051-20. Photo:

On the one hand, the manufacturer was clearly trying to make some kind of lightweight version of the shovel, but this did not bring any tangible results. Classical instrument for two kilograms. Why we say “tried” is because the handle here is partially plastic and seems to suggest that the whole structure should be light. But no no. The “pole” is steel inside, and finished with a polymer on the outside for a comfortable grip. Also, the handle is slightly curved closer to the shovel itself. This makes it easier to cut into the ground at an angle. And in order to enter directly at 90 degrees, a foot rest is provided on the shovel — slightly curved ends, on which you need to hit with the sole if necessary.

At the end there is a handle — not a single modern model of the best shovel can do without it. The blade is made of aluminum covered with a thick layer of gray enamel. The paint does not lie evenly everywhere, smudges are visible, but for such a percussion instrument, these are rather insignificant trifles.


canvas Stainless steel
cutting Metal, length 120 cm
The weight 1.98 kg
One piece welded construction
The weight

5. Sibtech Profi 61474 (from 530 rubles)

Sibtech Profi 61474
Sibtech Profi 61474. Photo:

A tool of a domestic manufacturer coated with carbon. Although it follows from the characteristics that this is hammer enamel. It resembles a gray orange peel because it is baked after coating, which has a positive effect on strength. If you still don’t understand what we are talking about, then you can look at the doors in the entrance — probably one of the neighbors has a new steel door with a rough finish. This is what it is.

The shovel itself is made of carbon steel. The authors of the product themselves call it rail, hinting at strength and similar elements in the composition. The construction is one-piece, without rivets. The edge was separately calcined in order to increase strength, and hence the service life. But the main feature from the other best shovels in our ranking is an elongated scoop. He is ten centimeters taller than the classic. With this, it is especially convenient to carry out summer work.


canvas Carbon steel
cutting Metal, length 115 cm
The weight 1.7 kg
Material quality
The long stalk is not for everyone

6. ZUBR Zavidovo 4-39505 (from 600 rubles)

ZUBR Zavidovo 4-39505
ZUBR Zavidovo 4-39505. Photo:

The best budget shovel in our ranking. Such a country-garden «must-have», which should be in everyone’s barn. The manufacturer gives a three-year warranty, which is a lot compared to competitors. The shovel blade is cast in classic hardened carbon steel and varnished to protect against rust. The stalk was planed out of oak and “marinated” with wax. The manufacturer offers to use it not only in gardening, but also in construction.

The working part is made in the form of a pointed trapezoid. This should easily cut into the ground. For carrying, do not forget about the plastic handle. She has a classic length — 120 centimeters. This should suit most. We met one criticism — to the quality of the working part. Say, the metal is fragile, it is better not to knock on rocky ground once again.


canvas Carbon steel
cutting Wooden, length 120 cm
The weight 1.9 kg
Nice price
Complaints about the quality of the metal

7.GRINDA 8-421826 (from 850 rubles)

GRINDA 8-421826
GRINDA 8-421826. Photo:

What are we all about bayonet shovels? After all, besides them there are also soviet and so-called sappers. We would like to introduce you to a successful example of the latter species. It is interesting primarily for its ability to develop. The handle, handle and shovel itself are disassembled so that all parts can be folded into a neat complete case. We just warn you — you need a wrench and an imbus wrench. Do not be afraid that such a shovel is called a «sapper». Summer residents know that such a compact tool is very convenient when planting. Motorists will also appreciate it — this one will take up a minimum of space in the trunk.

The handle is made from nylon. We used to call this fabric, which is widely used in clothing. But today, the same polymer is used in 3D printing of plastic products. The working part is made of carbon steel. The German manufacturer (although it makes it in China) reports that it has taken care of the anti-corrosion coating, in other words, from rust.


canvas Carbon steel
cutting Made of nylon, length 59 cm
The weight 1 kg
Requires sharpening

8.FISKARS Light 1019605 (from 2200 rubles)

FISKARS Light 1019605
FISKARS Light 1019605. Photo:

Above, we have already given one of the best shovels of this brand. We would like to share another product. Yes, the price for it is higher than the average market. The focus is in the title. Model Light means light. This model weighs just over one kilogram. For a length of one meter, this is a good indicator. How did you achieve weight loss? First of all, the material of the handle is aluminum. In some places it is covered with plastic. This is necessary for a comfortable grip. There is a branded D-shaped handle on top. You can carry it around or hang it in a shed.

The blade is made from boron steel. Recall that this is an alloy with the addition of carbon and boron. It is believed that this is characterized by increased strength. It itself may be strong, but the attachment to the handle is a weak point in these models. There are many precedents when it falls off and cannot be repaired. So this tool is not for «dirty» exhausting work. Note that there are other dimensions of shovels in the series. If you do not mind the money and are looking for an easy option — your choice.


canvas Boron steel
cutting Metal, length 105 cm
The weight 1.1 kg
The weight
Attachment to the handle

9. Green Apple GALS6-75 (from 1000 rubles)

Green Apple GALS6-75
Green Apple GALS6-75. Photo:

The Chinese manufacturer stamps a distinctive mark on its products — the silhouette of an apple on a handle. For components, he chooses materials that are not typical for most shovels. Let’s figure it out together. Directly the working part is pointed to the bottom in the form of a wedge. On the other side there are protrusions that are convenient to press with your foot when working. The bucket is slightly concave, so it can be used as a shovel. Made from manganese hardened steel. If the manufacturer correctly calculated the required percentage of manganese in the alloy, then this seriously increases its strength.

The handle of the shovel is made of fiberglass — it is also fiberglass. They also make plastic window frames from it. Inserts made of rubber and polyester are applied to the handle — so that the hands do not slip. At first, many are perplexed why such powerful dimensions are still 160 centimeters. Short people definitely should not take this for work. And for those who, on the contrary, stretched out under 190-200 centimeters, on the contrary, it will be comfortable to work. When working, you can practically not bend over. By the way, if you liked the model, but the length is embarrassing, you can look at a more compact version of 120 centimeters.


canvas manganese steel
cutting Made of fiberglass, length 160 cm
The weight 2 kg
The length of the model is not suitable for everyone

10. Stels 61401 (from 1000 rubles)

Stels 61401
Stels 61401. Photo:

The manufacturer itself positions the tool as a car shovel — scatter snow in winter, so as not to get stuck, take it on the road. This is facilitated by its size — 84 centimeters. But it is quite possible to buy such a cottage for low gardeners. True, her weight is slightly too big for such dimensions — it is approaching two kilograms.

The bucket is pointed, made of carbon steel. There is a handle. Manufacturers say that it is suitable for digging up hard soil or making building mixtures. To protect against corrosion, it was covered with powder enamel. But fears are caused by its fasteners. Okay, the handle is screwed on, nothing will happen to it. But the connection directly to the handle with a shovel is also bolted. But no hasty conclusions should be drawn from this: it is better to evaluate in the store externally how reliable the mount seems to you. We didn’t find any complaints about it.


canvas Carbon steel
cutting Metal, length 84 cm
The weight 1.8 kg
Good manufacturer
Weight could be less

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How to choose a shovel

We talked about the best shovels of 2022, and now let’s talk directly about the choice. For this, Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote down the advice of a gardener with 30 years of experience. Maxim Bobylev.

About the shape of the bucket

If this is a shovel, then everything is clear here — the task is to be as spacious as possible for the soil. Bayonet tools are needed for digging beds and other garden work. The bayonet itself may not be sharp, but rather end with a straight edge. But it seems to me that this option is not very suitable for the garden. If the bayonet bucket is concave, then it is convenient for them to recline the earth, and it is more convenient to dig up a narrow and straight one. The ideal is to have both.

Shovel material

In addition to classic steel with impurities of carbon and other chemical elements for strength, there are also titanium ones. They are more expensive but lighter. An intermediate option is rail steel. Good strength and reasonable price. Great if there are stiffeners. This is a plus for durability. If the handle is made of wood and is attached to self-tapping screws, then make sure that there are at least two fasteners, and preferably three.


The cheapest options are made of wood, often uncoated, but simply sanded. It is better if it is still treated wood. She’s not as bad as she might seem. In winter it is more pleasant to work. The classic length is around 120 centimeters. They are the most comfortable to work with. But if you don’t need a certain type of shovel so often, then a short one will do. But it’s exhausting to work that long.

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How to check the shovel in action

Start digging. If the bucket began to bend, then it is made of thin steel. This one won’t last long. There is an extreme way — to drive once back and forth by car on a bayonet. The metal of the best shovel will not bend, I guarantee! The bad one will flatten or bend in the opposite direction. Another popular way is to knock. I don’t know how true this is, but they say that the louder the sound, the better.


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