The best bird scarers in 2022


The best bird scarers in 2022

High technologies penetrate into such spheres of our life, where quite recently they had no place. Now the harvest in the garden or in the garden is protected from feathered robbers not by a banal and useless scarecrow, but by a modern highly efficient gadget. The editors of the KP and expert Maxim Sokolov analyzed today’s proposals on the bird scarer market and offer the results of their research to the readers
The best bird scarers in 2022
The best bird scarers. Photo:

Protecting your garden or garden from winged crop robbers is a headache for all the inhabitants of the countryside. But this is not the only reason why it is necessary to scare away birds in some way. They also pose an immediate danger to human life by flying over airfield runways and are carriers of extremely dangerous diseases and parasitic insects. Dust from bird droppings accumulated in the attic can cause allergies and even lead to death.

But birds are not rats or cockroaches, you need to get rid of them by humane methods, not by killing, but by scaring them away. Designed for this device are called repellers and are divided into ultrasonic, biometricthat is, imitating sounds, and visualin fact — scarecrows at a higher technological stage of development.

Editor’s Choice

Before you are three perfect, according to the editors of the KP, but different in terms of device, bird repeller.

1. Ultrasonic bird repeller EcoSniper LS-987BF

EcoSniper LS-987BF.  Photo:
EcoSniper LS-987BF. Photo:

The device emits ultrasound with a variable frequency of 17-24 kHz. Horizontal viewing angle 70 degrees, vertical 9 degrees. The device is equipped with a motion sensor and turns on only when a bird appears at a distance of less than 12 meters. The rest of the time the device works in standby mode.

Together with the ultrasonic emitter, an LED stroboscopic flash is turned on, which complements the effect of ultrasound. The repeller is powered by two Krona batteries, it is possible to connect to a household network through an adapter. Operating temperature range: -10°C to +50°C. The device is installed at a height of 2.5 m above the ground.

Technical specifications

Height 100 mm
Width 110 mm
Depth 95 mm
The weight 0.255 kg
Maximum protected area 85 m2

Pros and cons

Battery and household power supply, built-in stroboscope, motion sensor
There is no mains power adapter included, it does not scare away all types of birds, for example, it is ineffective against crows

2. Biometric bird repeller Sapsan-3

Sapsan-3.  Photo:
Sapsan-3. Photo:

The device is a 20-watt speaker with a horn and three switches on the rear wall. One of them controls the volume, the second changes the program of the sounds produced. They imitate or reproduce alarm signals of different breeds of birds, there are three options for working:

  • Scaring away flocks of small birds — thrushes, starlings, sparrows, bee-eaters (bee-eaters);
  • Repelling corvids — jackdaws, crows, magpies, rooks;
  • Mixed mode, sounds that frighten small and large birds.

The third switch is a turn-on timer after 4-6, 13-17, 22-28 minutes. But the duration of the sound is not limited, which can cause conflicts with neighbors. There is a «twilight relay» that turns off the device at night. It can be powered from the mains via an adapter or from a 12 V battery.

Technical specifications

Dimensions 105x100x100 mm
The weight 0.5 kg
Maximum protected area 4000 m2

Pros and cons

Different sets of sounds for different types of birds, turn-on timer
Poor quality of sound reproduction, water can accumulate in the horn, there is no sound duration timer

3. Visual bird repeller «Owl»

«Owl». Photo:

Ornithologists say that birds quickly fly away, noticing the eagle owl. And they react much more actively to a moving predator than to a motionless stuffed animal. This reflex is used by the bird repeller «Owl». Its wings move with the wind, creating the illusion of a predator flying. The bird’s head is made of realistically painted and environmentally friendly plastic.

The paint is not affected by precipitation and solar ultraviolet radiation. The wings are made of lightweight yet durable fiberglass and are attached to the hull with a semi-rigid mount. The maximum effect is achieved by fixing the repeller on a pole 2-3 meters high.

Technical specifications

Dimensions 305x160x29 mm
The weight 0.65 kg
Temperature range from +15 to +60 °С

Pros and cons

Use of natural reflexes, environmental safety
Weak effect at dusk, strong wind can tear the repeller off the pole

Top 3 Best Ultrasonic Bird Repellers in 2022 According to KP

The designers of these high-tech devices are familiar with bird hearing and have been able to use it to the benefit of gardeners without causing physical harm to the birds.

1.Ultrason X4

Ultrason X4.  Photo:
Ultrason X4. Photo:

Professional installation of the English brand, designed to protect the territories of agricultural enterprises and airports from birds. The kit includes a control unit, 4 cables 30 m long and 4 remote speakers with individual frequency settings to effectively scare away all types of birds.

The radiation power of each speaker is 102 dB. The range of changing frequencies is 15-25 kHz. The device is powered by a 220 V household network or a 12 V car battery. Ultrasound is inaudible and harmless to humans and pets.

Technical specifications

Block dimensions 230x230x130 mm
Column dimensions 100x100x150 mm
Maximum protected area 340 m2

Pros and cons

High efficiency, large protected area
It is not recommended to use the repeller on a small personal plot near poultry houses and poultry farms, the power is the maximum possible according to sanitary standards, therefore it can cause discomfort for people with increased sensitivity to ultrasound. However, this is not a health hazard.

2. Weitech WK-0020

Weitech WK-0020.  Photo:
Weitech WK-0020. Photo:

The device is designed to scare away birds from balconies, verandas, attics where birds nest. The frequency and amplitude of ultrasound change according to a special algorithm that prevents birds from becoming accustomed to certain sounds and forcing them to leave their shelters.

The repeller is effective against sparrows, pigeons, crows, jackdaws, gulls, starlings. The radiation power is additionally regulated manually. The device is powered by three AA batteries. Autonomous power supply allows you to place the device anywhere without the need for electrical wiring.

Operation does not require special training, just turn on the device and install it in the right place. You may only need to choose the direction of radiation and adjust the power of ultrasound.

Technical specifications

Dimensions 70x70x40 mm
The weight 0.2 kg
Maximum protected area 40 m2

Pros and cons

Full autonomy, birds do not get used to radiation
A thin squeak is heard, not all types of birds are afraid

3. EcoSniper LS-928

EcoSniper LS-928.  Photo:
EcoSniper LS-928. Photo:

The device is designed to scare away birds and bats in non-residential premises and on the street. The design uses Duetsonic technology, that is, ultrasound is emitted simultaneously by two separate sound systems.

The frequency of the emitted ultrasound varies randomly in the range of 20-65 kHz. This develops a sound pressure of 130 dB. People and pets do not hear anything, and birds and bats experience severe discomfort and leave the ultrasound area.

The device is powered from the mains through an adapter. The power consumption is only 1.5W, so there is no need for a power-saving motion sensor. The maximum protected area is 230 sqm outdoors and 468 sqm indoors.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (HxWxD) 140x122x110 mm
The weight 0.275 kg

Pros and cons

Low power consumption, includes power adapter and 5.5m cable
Insufficient protection from atmospheric precipitation, in case of strong wind or rain, it is recommended to remove the device under the roof

Top 3 best biometric (sound) bird repellers in 2022 according to KP

The behavior of birds is determined by conditioned reflexes. It was they who successfully used the inventors of biometric repellers.

1. Weitech WK-0025

Weitech WK-0025.  Photo:
Weitech WK-0025. Photo:

The innovative repeller affects birds, dogs, hares with alarming cries of predatory birds, dog barking and the sounds of gun shots. Plus flashes of infrared radiation.

Outwardly, the device looks like a big mushroom, the upper surface of its “hat” is a solar panel with a power of 0.1 W, which feeds 4 AA batteries. It can also be recharged from the mains via an adapter. The device is equipped with a motion sensor with a viewing angle of 120 degrees and a range of up to 8 meters, as well as a silent night mode timer.

Speaker sound pressure up to 95 dB can be adjusted manually. The case of the device is protected from atmospheric precipitation, to start it is enough to insert the batteries, select the mode and stick the leg protruding from below into the ground.

Technical specifications

Dimensions 300x200x200 mm
The weight 0.5 kg
Maximum protected area 65 m2
Power consumption 0.7W

Pros and cons

Solar panel for recharge, two ways to scare away, motion sensor, on timer
Unfortunate location of the operating mode switch under the top panel of the device, there is no AC adapter in the kit

2. Thunder gun Zon EL08

Thunder gun Zon EL08.  Photo:
Thunder gun Zon EL08. Photo:

The device imitates hunting shotgun shots that scare away all kinds of birds. A microportion of propane from a standard gas cylinder enters the combustion chamber of the device and is ignited by a spark from an electronic control unit. One container with a volume of 10 liters is enough for 15 thousand «shots» with a volume level of 130 dB. The «barrel» is needed only to set the direction of the sound. The ignition system is designed for 1 million operations.

The installation is equipped with four timers that allow you to set the time ranges of its operation for periods of maximum bird activity. Pauses between “shots” are also adjustable from 1 to 60 minutes, plus a random pause mode. To scare away large flocks, the firing mode is used in series from 1 to 5 shots at intervals of up to 5 seconds.

Technical specifications

Dimensions 240x810x200 mm
The weight 7.26 kg
Maximum protected area 2 ha

Pros and cons

4 on timers, flexible electronic control, high efficiency
It is necessary to additionally purchase a tripod for reliable installation of the gun, conflicts with neighbors due to frequent and strong sounds of shots are possible

3. Tornado OP.01

Tornado OP.01.  Photo:
Tornado OP.01. Photo:

It scares off birds by imitating the scream of birds of prey, alarming croaking and sharp sounds resembling shots. The plastic case is impact-resistant, the speaker cone is protected by a grille. Execution dust and moisture-proof, use of the device in agro-complexes, commercial gardens, fish farms, granaries is possible.

Operating temperature range 0 — 50 °C. The maximum sound pressure of the speaker is 110 dB, it is possible to adjust it. Timers set the time to turn on and off the device and the duration of pauses between sounds. There are 7 variants of phonograms for scaring away, for example, only small birds or universal sets for different types of birds.

The device is powered by a 220 V network or a 12 V battery.

Technical specifications

Dimensions 143x90x90 mm
The weight 1.85 kg
Maximum protected area 1 ha

Pros and cons

On timers, high volume
Unsuccessful design of volume control and operating modes, ineffective against crows

Top 3 Best Visual Bird Repellers in 2022 According to KP

Birds are frightened by the appearance in the field of view of objects incomprehensible to them, as well as objects resembling predators on the hunt. Also, they are not able to land on the spikes sticking into the air. These features of the behavior of birds are used by manufacturers of visual scarers.

1. «DVO — Metal»

«DVO — Metal». Photo:

The dynamic device is a weather vane with mirrors glued to its blades. Two mirrors reflect sunlight in a horizontal plane, one is directed upwards. Sunbeams darting through garden bushes, trees and garden beds disorientate the birds, cause them fear and make them fly away in panic.

The device is suitable for protection of roofs, street lamps, communication towers. The device is environmentally friendly, does not harm birds, does not cause them addiction, does not consume energy. Installation is extremely simple, it is enough to fix the repeller with a clamp on the roof ridge or a high pole.

Technical specifications

Height 270 mm
Diameter 380 mm
The weight 0.2 kg

Pros and cons

Does not consume electricity, harmless to birds
Ineffective in cloudy weather, does not work in calm

2. «Kite»

«Kite». Photo:

The repeller is a kite and resembles a flying kite in its shape. It attaches to the top of the 6m flagpole that is included in the package. The device raises even a weak breeze into the air, and gusts of wind make it flap its wings, simulating the flight of a kite.

Effective against flocks of pigeons, swallows, starlings, jackdaws. Product material — light black nylon fabric, resistant to precipitation and sunlight. The product has images of the yellow eyes of a predator. The effect of using the device is enhanced by the simultaneous activation of sound repellers that emit the scream of a hunting kite.

Technical specifications

Dimensions 1300×600 mm
The weight 0.12 kg

Pros and cons

High efficiency, the possibility of its enhancement by combination with sound repellers
Does not work in calm weather, there are no mounts for a telescopic flagpole

cherry harvest

Cherry is one of the main fruit crops in our gardens.

3. SITITEK «Barrier-Premium»

SITITEK Barrier-Premium.  Photo:
SITITEK Barrier-Premium. Photo:

Anti-attack metal spikes physically prevent birds from landing on roofs, peaks, balconies, cornices. These places in private houses, garden pavilions, greenhouses and urban conditions are inhabited by flocks of pigeons, sparrows, swallows, making a lot of noise and shitting caustic droppings on roofing. Moreover, if birds nest on buildings, they will inevitably begin to destroy crops, seedlings and ripened fruits.

Spikes made of galvanized steel are located on a polycarbonate strip base, divided into sections, where 30 spikes are placed in three rows. 10 spikes are directed vertically upwards, 20 are tilted in opposite directions.

The device gives an immediate effect immediately after installation. The radius of curvature of the surface for installation is at least 100 mm. Installation is carried out on self-tapping screws or with frost-resistant glue.

Technical specifications

Length of one section 500 mm
Spike height 115 mm

Pros and cons

Does not consume electricity, effective against all types of birds
Not suitable for protecting gardens and orchards, no glue or self-tapping screws for fixing are included

How to choose a bird repeller

There are several main types of bird repellers. To make a choice, you need to decide what budget you have and which device is more suitable specifically for your site.

A visual repeller is the most affordable and easiest option. These include a common garden scarecrow, predator figures, various shiny elements and flashing light bulbs. This type of repeller is suitable for placement in any area.

An ultrasonic repeller is a more expensive and complex device. It makes a sound that is inaccessible to human hearing, but at the same time it is extremely unpleasant for all birds. It causes anxiety among birds and makes them fly as far as possible from your site. Please note that ultrasound will also be unpleasant for poultry. Therefore, if you have parrots, chickens, geese, ducks or other winged pets on your farm, you should choose a different type of repeller.

A biometric repeller is an expensive but effective way to deal with feathered guests on the site. The device emits sounds of predators or cries of panic of a certain species of birds. For example, if starlings are bothering you in the garden, you can turn on the disturbing twitter of their relatives. Birds will think that danger awaits them on your site, and will fly around the territory sideways.

A biometric repeller may not be suitable for installation in a small garden located too close to your house or your neighbors’ houses. Sounds coming from the device may interfere with rest or simply begin to annoy people in the vicinity after a while.

The editors of the KP asked Maxim Sokolov, expert of the online hypermarket «» help readers of the KP to decide on the choice of a bird repeller and answer their questions.

What parameters should ultrasonic and biometric bird repellers have?

When buying, you should pay attention to the range of the device. Usually it is written directly on the packaging or on the product card. It is necessary that the operation of the device covers the entire territory where the appearance of birds is undesirable. For example, if you only need to protect an outdoor clothes dryer, you can choose a device with a short range. Multiple appliances can be used to protect a large area.

If you will be installing the repeller in an open area, such as a rooftop or tree without any shelter, make sure it is waterproof. Otherwise, the device may break down during rain or from exposure to morning dew.

Decide on the most suitable way of eating:

  1. Network devices should be bought if you have the ability to connect to a power outlet on the site.
  2. Repellers that run on batteries and batteries are more versatile and self-contained, but you will have to periodically change or charge the power source.
  3. Solar-powered appliances are the most economical – you don’t have to spend money on electricity or new batteries. But they may not perform well on overcast days or when placed in the shade.

If you want to increase the effectiveness of repelling, purchase a device with a combined action. For example, you can choose an ultrasonic or biometric repeller with a built-in flashing light element that will scare the birds even more.

To be able to automate the operation of the device, you can choose a model with different modes. For example, there are repellers that start every 2-5 minutes, turn on when motion is detected in the coverage area, and turn off at night.

It is better to choose biometric devices with volume control — so that you can configure this parameter specifically for your site. If you have a lot of bird species in your garden, you can purchase a repeller with several sounds to scare away different birds.

Popular questions and answers

Are ultrasonic and biometric repellers dangerous for people and animals?

For humans, both types of repellers do not pose any danger. Ultrasound is simply not distinguishable by the human ear, and sounds from a biometric device can simply be annoying.

But for pets, the sounds of these devices can be disturbing. For example, a biometric device can scare pets, but over time they get used to it.

Ultrasound can cause anxiety, aggression and unusual behavior in poultry. Unlike wild birds, they cannot simply fly away from your territory without hearing anything.

This can negatively affect their health. Cats, dogs, hamsters and other pets perceive the sound range of a different frequency, so bird repellers will not work on them.

Is it possible to limit the use of a visual repeller?

Items such as a scarecrow or a figurine of a predator dangerous to birds will stop working in a couple of days if you do not move them. Birds will get used to all your repellers and will even be able to sit down and rest on them.

But if every couple of days you move or re-hang all the items, change the scarecrow into new clothes, then the birds will be scared every time, like for the first time.

Shiny or reflective elements, spinning propellers hung on a tree can be more effective in scaring away winged guests. They are less static than a regular scarecrow, so they keep birds away for longer. But they also need to be periodically outweighed so that feathered pests do not have time to get used to them.

What to do if ultrasonic or biometric repellers do not work?

First you need to inspect your site for the presence of bird nests on it. If they are already present, then the repellers are unlikely to be able to drive the birds out of their own homes. You need to get rid of the nest. But it is better to do this after the nesting season is over.

Also make sure your yard is clear of trash, open compost pits, and other sources of food and water for birds. For the sake of a large amount of food, they will fly into your territory, despite everything that you have done.

For more effective scaring, you can combine different methods of scaring.

— Together with biometric or ultrasonic, use visual repellers, including light ones.

— Install anti-stick spikes on the roof ridge, eaves and other bird-friendly surfaces. So it will be inconvenient for the winged ones to sit down, and they will visit you less often.

From time to time you yourself can make loud noises to scare away birds. For example, you can clap your hands or turn on some music.

If you have a dog or cat, walk them regularly on the yard. Your pets can scare birds better than any special devices.

Install motion-activated sprinklers in the garden. The sound of a sudden operation and water will scare away not only birds, but also moles, mice, frogs and other animals.


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