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Own house must be protected by all means, the fence is the best helper for this purpose. Undoubtedly, the country fence is able to provide comfort and completeness of the entire design composition. Usually this product is made from traditional materials: most often wood, less often stone (expensive), iron and other versions created by modern manufacturers.

Many people find that it is easy to install and does not take much time. Outwardly, everything looks easy, it is necessary to dig the pillars into the ground or into the cement mortar, then nail the wooden planks and the installation is completed. And with other versions it is even easier, the stone fence itself is already brought almost ready-made.

But in order for everything to work out well, you need to have many specific skills. Now we will understand the intricacies of this important matter for each private dwelling.

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Why is a fence needed?

It carries a practical purpose or decorative application. For some areas, there is no need for protection from intruders. Usually these are remote villages with a small number of inhabitants.

On their territory, everyone knows what someone is, and everything is perfectly visible. Often a small wooden fence is used, which is symbolic in nature and helps to decorate the living space.

If it comes to some kind of factory or housing located in an area with a dangerous criminal situation, then a massive structure will have to be created here. For the installation of the fence, you will have to hire experienced professionals who can build a monolithic structure for a specific purpose.

Namely, to protect a certain territory from the encroachment of thieves, hooligans or various wild animals, whose presence there is considered inappropriate for the owners. This may be the territory of the store where there are a lot of meat products.

And why are there dogs or cats here? You can protect yourself from various birds by installing a mesh iron structure around the entire perimeter, covering the airspace from penetration.

What to build it from and what price to expect?

If the type of product is chosen and it is clear from what material it will be made, you need to think about the price. Usually, the price of a fence with installation is calculated, since no one will mount it for free.

And now let’s look at the most popular materials, and how they differ, evaluate their positive and negative aspects:

The tree is considered the most affordable for creating a fence of any complexity. But not all of its types are cheap and affordable options for building a fence.

But its beauty, style and advantageous properties are difficult to deny, they lie in such moments:

In the manufacture of a picket fence, you can count on a reasonable price. But it is distinguished by its beauty, shape, selection of the desired height, and it is successfully equipped with decorative elements.

The ranch is created by mounting uncut boards, and bars attached to powerful poles. It is beneficial to use it to separate the agricultural area from other areas of a private dwelling.

Wattle refers to economical types of fences that are easy to mount. It is created from wooden twigs, tightly intertwined with each other to form a common structure. On their basis, unique fences used in rural areas are formed. The villagers loved them for their affordability and functionality.

The fence with the help of a lattice system is formed by slats or poles. This helps to reduce the cost of this type of product.

What about other materials?

Among them, there are also excellent modifications suitable for various purposes:

Sometimes it is necessary to install a fence made of corrugated board — this can be a fence for a garage. In this case, it is important to correctly install the first sheet, and do all the work from it.

The whole process is quite complicated, you will need a lot of tools. First of all, a drill for a good drill, a riveter, at least two clamps and a long building version of the level. But such a product is not considered a reliable defender of the territory, it is referred to as conditional assistants in this matter. It is easy to overcome and can be quickly deformed.

If you need to install a mesh fence, it is recommended to contact experienced craftsmen. The work will be done with the use of concrete and the complex process of pulling the product onto the installed pillars.

Not everyone can do it right with their own hands. And you will need a concrete mixer to create it in sufficient quantities. Such a fence is often used to enclose schools, kindergartens, and, for the most part, is decorative.

Which option is suitable for giving?

Chain-link fences are most often used, as they are an affordable and inexpensive type of material. It helps to ensure the formation of high-quality barriers for enclosures with animals. And it can fence off suburban or garden plots.

Now many are interested in fences for summer cottages, the price with installation, since not everyone has the opportunity to invest a lot. Most often, a galvanized mesh modification is chosen for the construction of a fence. It is beautiful in appearance, has anti-corrosion characteristics and has a favorable price.

The fence formed from it easily copes with various precipitation, strong winds or exposure to high temperatures, typical for the summer period of the year. And it perfectly transmits the rays of the sun, which is considered a necessary condition for the proper development of plants. Sometimes they wrap around her and this helps them to stay stable and also looks very pretty.

But the work on installing a fence of this type is notable for certain difficulties. You will have to use concrete to fill the pillars, then to fix it on their basis. But in general, it reliably protects the territory from unauthorized outside visitors.

To this end, you can create an additional obstruction line of the grid at an angle from above. This will help provide additional reliability. It is believed that in this case it is easier to overcome concrete, metal or other fences.

In addition, it is durable, does not require special supervision, but sometimes it is necessary to replace individual parts or repair them. It is beneficial to paint only the pillars, and the grid itself should already be painted, or you can leave it in its original form.

The process of installation by the hands of masters is carried out quite quickly. But its duration will depend on the area of ​​work performed. It can be stretched or installed in sections. The latter option is used for school grounds, kindergartens and parking lots.

And it is beneficial to perform tension precisely for giving. The most important thing is to correctly install the fence posts, and from them to create the rest of the structure.

Reinforced concrete fences

Many people think that the installation of a concrete fence is very complex installation work. This is partly true, but now many have learned to do them with their own hands.

Usually the fence is formed not just from concrete, but with the addition of an iron frame. The result is a reinforced concrete structure, characterized by strength, durability and incredible functionality.

Most often, such structures are used to protect various protected areas. These can be sites where construction work takes place, production is in progress (factories, factories), parking lots. But now such fences have begun to be used for private houses.

But for their own purposes, a decorative version of this product is usually installed, which is distinguished by beauty. But for the others listed above, large slabs with barbed wire are installed along the top. They are distinguished by their height and incredible strength, so that they are very difficult to overcome.

If you install it yourself, then you need to consider one important point. The usual section weighs about 70 kg, but the process of its installation is quite simplified. Because of the weight, one more person from among friends or relatives can be attracted to do the work.

Photo of the installation process of fences

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