Country style in landscape design

gazebo in country style


Country style in landscape design - simple rules for the original design of the site

Country style in landscape design involves organizing a personal plot in such a way as to create the impression of unity with nature, serenity and romanticism. This style does not accept artificial decorations, alpine slides, they will break the harmony of the wild and charming rural nature.

Country style in the landscape

Beautiful summer cottages in country style are simple and natural, but at the same time, the location of trees, plants, and recreation areas in landscape design is carefully thought out. The main features inherent in this style can be called:

  1. Asymmetry — the absence of elements with strict and ideal forms (for example, paths).
  2. A riot of colors, the predominance of flowering plants in flower beds and flower beds.
  3. Use of natural materials for decoration.
  4. Arrangement of a small pond or well with a roof-house, benches, arbors.
  5. Smoothly curved paths.
  6. The presence of simple, unpretentious plantings, medicinal herbs planted vertically near hedges or fences.
  7. Creating a cozy corner for relaxation, lawns with wild plants (clover, buttercup, bluebells, daisies), bird feeders and birdhouses.
  8. A small garden — vegetable beds, often located among flower beds.

country style fence

Country style in landscape design emphasizes rustic motifs, so simple and natural materials are chosen for fencing. A country fence can have both a protective function, having the appearance of a 2-3-meter impressive fence, or be decorative — in the form of a wooden or wicker structure, decorated on top with clay pots, sunflowers or berry bushes growing nearby.

The classic country-style fence is a wooden picket fence, often painted in a bright color, with flowers planted along it, betraying a colorful, rural look. An excellent choice in landscape design will be a picturesque wicker wattle, ideally combined with plantings. A modern plastic fence can become more practical and durable, this material is aesthetic, realistically imitates wood, stone.

country style fence

country style gate

The design of the gate, their appearance, should be given no less attention than the landscape of the site, because they, in fact, serve as the “face” of the entire estate, by which the aesthetic taste of the owners is judged. The design of the plot in the country style suggests the architectural concept of the garage and entrance gates in the same style. Gate panels are often made of natural wood, so that they look elegant and elegant, they are decorated with decorative elements.

French country involves the use of wood lamellas interconnected, such a design is not durable, but it looks beautiful. Russian country is often decorated with wood carvings, forged elements, such gates look like a work of art. In the rustic country style, the use of barn locks, metal hinges, and handles is encouraged in the manufacture of gates. Wooden planks are often replaced with more modern materials that retain their authenticity with their natural counterparts.

country style gate

Plot in country style — paths

Country in landscape design implies the presence of winding, smooth and narrow rural paths, with the simplest possible design, straight and perfectly even forms — unusual for this style. Landscaping in country style does not tolerate sloppiness; any natural materials are used to design paths:

  • river pebbles;
  • flat stones;
  • saw cuts of trees;
  • crushed stone;
  • limestone;
  • granite screenings;
  • shell rock.

For expressiveness, they are framed with a garden border, you just need to know that decorative elements made of plastic are not acceptable for a rural style. The central, “front” path leading from the gate to the house is straight and slightly wider than the others; flower beds or rows of fruit trees frame it along the edges. Decorations made of colored glass, forged elements will beautifully complement the decor of the tracks, especially if they bear the imprint of antiquity.

country style walkway

Flower bed country

Country style in the landscape suggests the presence of colorful flower beds, fragrant thickets of jasmine, lilacs that have grown over the site, that is, everything that is unacceptable for modern styles and, conversely, is the usual tradition in the understanding of the Slavs. The most important principle of this style can be called naturalness and naturalness, flower beds are decorated colorfully and cheerfully, combine the unpretentiousness of wildflowers, edible and medicinal herbs, classic garden plants. The following simple cultures familiar from childhood fit perfectly into the interior of country flower beds:

  • panicled phloxes;
  • Snapdragon;
  • asters, gladioli, hydrangeas;
  • irises, peonies, delphiniums;
  • forget-me-nots, marigolds, lavender, immortelle;
  • decorative sunflowers, kohlrabi cabbage.

country flowerbed

Country gazebo

A country gazebo is the most simple and functional structure in its design, often a simple canopy, with a thatched or tiled roof, wooden, metal or brick support posts. The most popular designs of these buildings are stylistic architectural forms reminiscent of:

  • American ranch;
  • Russian hut;
  • English cottage;
  • swiss chalet.

When choosing a gazebo design for country-style landscape design, you should take into account the climate and the type of vegetation; you should not build a gazebo in the form of a tropical hut if there is a pine forest around. The main aspect is the choice of material, it must be natural. Vine weaving, carvings, tiles can be used as decorations. The shapes and sizes of buildings in this style can be any, the main thing is to build them in a place protected from the winds, away from the utility block, in order to enjoy nature or drink coffee with friends in peace and quiet.

gazebo in country style


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