Children’s house for a summer residence — ideas from wood, plastic, plywood


Children's house for a summer residence - the best design ideas

A colorful children’s house for a summer residence will become a child’s favorite place of entertainment. Active pastime will help the baby develop physically, improve attention, abstract thinking. Having equipped the child with their own corner in the country, parents can safely engage in a garden without worrying that the child will get bored or overheat in the sun.

Children’s playhouse for giving

Manufacturers of goods offer various play complexes for children — made of plastic, wood, plywood, cardboard. They use different ideas for children’s summer cottages — boys will love designs that mimic the environment in a ship or car cabin, girls will be delighted with the pink princess room. Products can be made in the form of a castle, a hut, a pirate lair, a hut, a hut. You can make a simple house and independently from improvised materials.

Children’s wooden houses for summer cottages

Cozy children’s houses for summer cottages made of wood are the most popular. The huts pass air well, are environmentally friendly, and look fabulous. On sale you can find small one-story houses with windows and benches, and large two-story structures with flights of stairs, railings, beds, chairs and other furniture. A reliable roof protects the structure from rain and wind.

Buildings are created in such a way that they do not have sharp and metal parts that can hurt you. All boards are carefully sanded. Complement the complexes with different game segments — a slide, a climbing board, a swing, ropes. Such a house becomes universal. Often this is a stationary product that is installed on the site for more than one season.

children's wooden houses for summer cottages

Children’s houses for summer cottages made of plastic

Plastic houses for children in the country house seem fragile, but in fact they are a reliable construction. The main advantages of this material:

  • ease;
  • hygiene;
  • a large selection of bright colors;
  • simple care.

Products can be washed with water, simply pouring from a hose. A children’s house for a summer residence made of plastic resembles a designer, it consists of panels — walls, roof, doors can be attached to each other. The design is easy to assemble and install, if desired, the hut can be moved or folded for storage. The design of plastic houses is varied — you can find cute houses with turrets for gentle young ladies, real fortresses for little tomboys. High-quality plastic easily tolerates direct sunlight and low temperatures.

children's houses for summer cottages made of plastic

Plywood house for children to the country

A simple children’s house in the country from plywood can be built with your own hands. To do this, you will need slats, boards, OSB and foam sheets, dowels, self-tapping screws, putty and tools. House building process:

  1. A small foundation is poured, it must be covered with an insulating film on top.
  2. foundation for a housefoundation insulation

  3. Wooden beams under the floor are attached to the foundation.
  4. fastening of wooden beamsfloor for house

  5. In the corners, under the windows and the doorway, vertical supports are installed, to which OSB boards are attached, which act as walls. Narrow walls form a single structure with the roof facade.
  6. fasteners osb

  7. The roof frame is assembled — sewn up with boards and covered with OSB boards.
  8. roof frame

  9. The roof is covered with ondulin.
  10. roof covering with ondulin

  11. The windows are painted with contrasting paint.
  12. window painting

  13. The walls of the house are insulated with foam, which is fixed with glue and additionally fastened with dowels with a large cap.
  14. foam fixationfoam insulationfixing the foam with dowels

  15. From above, the walls are puttied with a cement mixture, a mesh is attached in the corners and openings.
  16. house puttyusing mesh on the corners of the houseputtying the house

  17. The house is ready, it can be beautifully painted.
  18. finished housepainting the house

Children’s house in the country from improvised materials

Interesting children’s houses for summer cottages can be built from improvised materials:

  1. From cardboard or a large cardboard box. The material is better to take dense and thick. All structural elements — windows, doors, roof can be cut with a clerical knife. The preparation of parts must be carried out according to a carefully thought-out drawing. You can connect the elements using grooves, adhesive tape, furniture stapler.
  2. children's house made of cardboard

  3. You can build a house for children in the country from pallets. The floor is assembled from carefully cleaned and sanded pallets, corner posts are attached to it, then the walls are tied from pallet boards, and the roof is covered. It is easy to make windows, a door, a veranda, benches from wooden elements.
  4. house for children in the country from pallets

  5. The simplest house is made of fabric. To create a hut or tent, you need to come up with a base (frame), build it from slats, bars or plastic pipes, and cover it with fabric.
  6. fabric children's house

Tree house for children in the country

If there is a multi-stem tree on the site, then you can equip a fantasy house on it. Among the branches (at least 20-25 cm in diameter), the structure will stand firmly and look fabulous. It is built from boards, slats, the optimal height is 1.5 m. You can strengthen the stability of the structure with the help of piles fixed in the ground. A treehouse for children is made in a rectangular, square shape, the design looks attractive in the form of a ship deck, grotto, castle.

You can supplement the hut with an attached wooden ladder or its rope counterpart, a cable descent. When designing a children’s house, it is advisable to provide it with a balcony or a veranda — the child will like being at a height and in the fresh air. If desired, you can create a larger project, use nearby trees. It is easy to connect them with the house with cable cars, supplement them with swings, horizontal bars, slides, and a hammock.

tree house for children in the country

How to decorate a children’s house in the country?

The play structure should be filled with interesting elements for kids. Making a children’s house in the country, what to use:

  1. Tunnels. They serve as a passage to the house, connect the playing areas. To do this, you can purchase a pipe, a caterpillar, a train.
  2. children's house with tunnels

  3. Balloons. This is a great massager and trainer. If you run them into the house, the children will be happy to play with them.
  4. plastic balls for kids

  5. Entourage. Thematic house should be decorated with suitable ones: for example, in a pirate lair there should be a treasure chest and a corresponding flag, on a ship — a steering wheel, in a princess’s room — cute curtains and a canopy.
  6. children's house interior

  7. Furniture. You can furnish the room with wicker chairs, set up a table for classes and a bench. It is easy to build a bed for rest from plywood or wood.
  8. children's house furniture


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