Plastic pond for giving


plastic garden pond

For those who are going to use their summer cottage solely for recreation, information on the arrangement of a decorative plastic pond will be useful. It will decorate the territory no worse than an alpine slide, and the installation and design process is usually addictive and turns out to be quite simple.

How to install a plastic pond?

We will divide the entire installation process into several main stages:

  1. Before you install a plastic pond, you should decide on the choice of location. Usually small ponds are made near recreation areas and not far from the house. We simply put the finished plastic structure on the ground and outline its contours. With an allowance of 15 centimeters, we dig a recess along the contour exactly to the height of the first level (height allowance 15 cm). Then, similarly, we make a recess for the second level.
  2. We thoroughly clean the walls of the finished pit for the installation of a plastic pond from the roots of plants, stones and other elements, then we tamp and pour sand on the bottom of the pit. There should be enough sand so that the plastic mold is exactly level with the surface. Do not forget to control the work level.
  3. After installation, we also fill all the cracks with sand, pouring it with water at the same time. At this moment, we pour water into the container and thus control the horizontal position.
  4. After a day, the sand will almost certainly shrink and the garden plastic pond will fail a little. We’ll have to add sand again and tamp. As soon as the design takes its place, you can start decorating.

Decorative plastic ponds for summer cottages: the design process

The first ones are usually decorated with the edges of a plastic pond for a summer residence. It all depends on the general style on your site. Tile, brick or stone look equally good. Sometimes lawn grass is simply planted around the entire perimeter. But here it is important to properly care for it, since a lack of moisture often leads to drying and yellowing of the grass.

A plastic pond with a fountain is in demand. The effect of a natural reservoir is provided by two pumps: one is installed on the bottom of the reservoir, the second is masked and placed nearby. Fountains are often decorated with lights.

garden plastic pond

A plastic garden pond usually becomes the center of a whole composition of plants, stones or other natural elements. The fish in the pond look very impressive, but then you have to take care of the aerator pumps. In addition to decorative functions, some plants also perform a number of auxiliary ones. For example, hornwort or Canadian elodea will help avoid water blooms during extreme heat. In the autumn-winter period, a garden plastic pond requires even more careful care: we remove all leaves and debris immediately, for the winter you can cover the entire structure and preliminarily scoop out water.


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