How to decorate a cottage?


How to decorate a cottage

The dacha is a great place for summer holidays. Of course, the owners of country houses want to equip this place so that it is beautiful and comfortable there. Therefore, the question of how to decorate a cottage is very popular and relevant. There are a large number of interesting ideas from modern designers and the owners themselves.

How to decorate a cottage: interesting ideas and tips

The design of the summer cottage will directly depend on how much time and in what period of the year you stay there. To decorate a small cottage for the summer, you need to consider such an option as unusual flower beds. Original flower beds and an abundance of colors will turn the site into a wonderful place. To figure out how to properly decorate a summer house with flowers, you need to consider the most popular options for this design. First of all, you can create original flower beds in the form of a blooming flower, an animal, or an unusual asymmetric shape. Next, it is important to think about what color palette you would like to contemplate in your flower bed. It can be either contrasting colors or solid colors.

Having a barrel in the country, it can be decorated and turned into such original options as: little men, toys, animals. In this case, more than ever, children will help you. You can plant flowers in various ways, creating interesting patterns and combinations.

To make your flower beds a great place for walking and contemplating such beauty, you need to think about how to decorate the path in the country. It can be laid out from various materials: wood, tiles, bricks, gravel, concrete. You can also combine materials and create the design closest to natural paths.

To decorate the gazebo in the country, you need to consider options such as open and closed gazebos. Open ones are best decorated with wood carvings or wicker plants. Gazebos of the closed type will be complemented by a beautiful wooden table.

No less popular are ideas on how to decorate a fence in the country. For this, you can also use climbing plants that are suitable for fences made of wood, metal or stone.

A well in the country can be decorated with beautiful cladding, as this technique is quite original, and the pebbles used look very beautiful.

How to decorate a country house?

To make the house pleasing to your eye, no less than the area near it, you can apply several interesting options. First of all, the reincarnation of a summer residence can be done with the help of paints. Painting a house can be done in various variations. To do this, think about how exactly you want to decorate the cottage, what mood you would like to convey and what colors would be most appropriate. Window frames can be left snow white, as this color will look harmonious with any chosen by you. On the plain walls of the house, you can depict various ornaments. If you have not tried yourself as an artist, feel free to use stencils that will become the basis for any desired drawing.

The question of how to decorate the veranda in the country is no less interesting. One of the best decoration options will be flower arrangements. They can be planted in interesting homemade vases made from old pots, containers and other containers. In the veranda you can place wicker furniture for relaxation.

Another question of interest to many is how to decorate the cottage with crafts? This option is especially relevant for people involved in needlework. You can decorate a country house with the help of improvised materials: tires, wood, bottles, bowls, fabrics. From all this you can make original figures for home and garden, flowerpots, flower stands, toys. It is enough to turn on your imagination and show a desire, and you will be overwhelmed with ideas on how to decorate an old cottage and make it beautiful and modern.


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