Facade tiles under the brick


Facade tiles under the brick

If you like the look of a brick house, and your home is built from a different material, you can change the exterior of the building using brick facade tiles. Such a stylized building will look like a real brick building, while the structure will be solid and reliable.

Ceramic facade tiles are made to look like clay bricks, so it is very difficult to distinguish such an imitation from real brick. The thickness of the tile is within 14 cm. This determined the technology of its installation: the facade tile is glued to the already finished wall using mortar glue.

Advantages of facade facing tiles under brick

Installation of decorative brick tiles is less time consuming compared to facing bricks. In addition, the minimum costs when decorating the facade with brick-like facing facade tiles make this material very popular and in demand.

Due to the low weight of ceramic facade tiles under the brick, it is not necessary to make additional reinforcement for the foundation.

Facade tiles are moisture resistant and perfectly protect the facade of the building from temperature fluctuations and ultraviolet radiation. This material is not inferior in strength to real brick. And in case of damage, tile fragments can be easily replaced with new ones. In addition, this material has a fairly affordable price.

In the market of facing materials, brick-like facade tiles are represented by a rich assortment, many different shades. Therefore, it will not be difficult to choose among the whole variety of materials for decorating the facade exactly the tile that will make the exterior of your house beautiful and solid. In addition to the exterior design, such brick-like facing tiles are widely used in the creation of interiors of various premises.


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