beautiful gate


beautiful gate

Beautiful gates and fences are an important and integral part of the design of your backyard, because they are visible to all passers-by and those passing from the street, and it is on them that the attention of all the guests of your home falls.

Beautiful forged gate

Beautiful forged metal gates are probably the most elegant and sophisticated option. A metal craftsman can give the forged elements the most bizarre and intricate shape, as well as twist iron rods in such a way that they look like metal lace. Forging can be used as an independent material for the manufacture of gates, then we will have patterned and airy gates with gaps behind which the site will be visible, or act as decoration for wooden or metal gates. The best design option using forged metal elements is beautiful swing gates.

Beautiful gates from corrugated board

Another option for beautiful metal gates. They are more practical than forged designs, as they can be used in various mechanisms for opening and closing sashes. For example, metal gates without decorations are practically the only way to create beautiful sliding gates, since any decor elements will cling to the plane of the fence in this case. The main decorative technique when working with corrugated board is the choice of an unusual or profile color that fits into the overall design of the house and the fence. Also, additional sophistication of such gates is given by the accuracy of their execution.

Beautiful wooden gate

The tree itself is a very beautiful material, its structure is so intricate and organic that the gates made of wood look great even after erection, even if they are of the simplest form. To give them additional elegance, various decoration options are used with forged or carved overlays, and coloring is also often used. You can leave the gate in its original form, only by covering the wood with a layer of varnish, which will emphasize the beautiful texture, and also protect the boards from adverse environmental factors.


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