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For a country house today, the castle style of architecture, which is divided into Romanov, Gothic and Renaissance (revival), is becoming increasingly popular. Let’s take a closer look at the house in the Gothic style.

Translated from Greek, Gothic means «eerily majestic» and refers to the late period of the Middle Ages. It is in this style that non-standard solutions are combined in constructions, which consist in walls as high as beams, tending upwards, and large windows with original and beautiful stained-glass windows.

Features of houses in the Gothic style

The most important thing for a gothic country house is to reach up into the sky. The higher the building, the thinner the details of the house. Since a large number of complex architectural elements need to be executed, building a house in this form is a troublesome task.

In Gothic buildings use:

  • stained-glass windows — light, passing through them, begins to play in a special way, giving the building a special mysterious charm;
  • «illusory space» — a lot of towers and turrets that are reflected one into the other and turn into an imaginary image of themselves;
  • copying large parts of the house into smaller ones, such as a fireplace or gothic style furniture, can copy the whole house in itself.

Fine carving is used both outside and inside the building.

For the interior of a residential or country house in the Gothic style, colors are used:

purple is the color of prayer, red is blood and blue is the sky. The walls are ennobled with stucco molding with a complex natural ornament. For a brighter and more contrasting interior of the house, white, black, cherry are used, and gold and silver threads are also used.

In the modern world, the Gothic style for a country house is exclusive and expensive.

Such buildings successfully combine the latest high-tech developments and a medieval look with the spirit of romance and charm.


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