5 best sugar bowls — Rating 2022 (top 5)


Tired of the sugar bowl from your grandmother’s service? Then scroll through the selection and choose a modern, stylish and creative model that will not only come in handy in the kitchen, but also serve as an original decor.

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The best sugar bowls for a modern kitchen

Classic sugar jars have become an attractive and sought-after item in the kitchen. They are made from various materials, which affects the quality, service life and appearance.

Everyone chooses the shape and type of sugar bowl “for themselves”. Today on the market there are both incredible and bizarre models, as well as quite classic sugar containers.

Reasons to buy:

  • Practical and comfortable;
  • original design;
  • Suitable for a festive table and everyday use.

The Pekoe sugar bowl is made of high quality porcelain with black glaze. The design of the collection is discreet, refined and original. The stylists were inspired by Asian tea traditions, which led to this color scheme.

The black background emphasizes the edges and external processing of the cup. Inside, the effect of patina on metal is recreated. The volume of the sugar bowl is 100 ml. The model is completed with a convenient cover.

The collection also includes milk jugs, teapots, plates, bamboo trays and cups, decorated in the same style. You can assemble a complete service, which, of course, will cost a pretty penny, but will delight in quality and appearance for many years.

Reasons to buy:

  • High quality stainless steel;
  • Mirror surface;
  • Convenient hinged cover;
  • Spoon included.

Steel grade 18/10, from which the sugar bowl is made, is not subject to corrosion, does not deform upon impact, does not form chips and is resistant to acids and alkalis. Wall thickness 0.8 mm. The brand pays special attention to product quality and does not allow marriage.

The model is equipped with a hinged lid, two handles on the body and a spoon for sugar. Sugar bowl holds up to 300 g of product, suitable for storing granulated sugar and refined sugar. It is easy to take care of the bowl — just put it in the dishwasher, and then sand it with a dry terry towel.

Reasons to buy:

  • Modern design;
  • Suitable for storing two kinds of food;
  • Durable and comfortable;
  • transparent material;
  • Under the lid there are wide holes for spoons (included).

The Spanish brand has developed a custom double sugar bowl made of impact-resistant acrylic. The wide bowl is equipped with a lid that protects the contents from dust and moisture. In addition there are 2 spoons for each compartment.

The range includes several shapes and volumes of containers: round and oval. Both options look spectacular and concise.

Acrylic does not contain harmful components and is absolutely safe for health. Both the containers themselves and the spoons are made from it. Its only drawback is that scratches on the surface may appear over time.

Reasons to buy:

  • Thick and durable ceramics;
  • Metal cover;
  • roomy;
  • A rich selection of colors.

Fissman offers a simple sugar bowl with a fixed lid. The ceramic model is covered with a dense layer of glaze that protects the material from damage and absorption of odors. The steel lid prevents moisture and sunlight from penetrating deep into the jar and keeps the sugar fresh.

The lid has a handle that needs to be pressed lightly to open. In total, the sugar bowl holds 300 g of product. The spoon is not included in the kit, although there is a recess under the lid for it.

Reasons to buy:

  • Made of impact-resistant plastic;
  • Comfortable, despite the non-standard shape;
  • Fixed cover;
  • Spoon included;
  • It is inexpensive.

In the Weston collection, almost all items are made of impact-resistant plastic. It is practical: it does not break when dropped, it is easy to clean, does not absorb odors and looks stylish.

The sugar bowl is made in the shape of a cube with a company logo and a fixed lid. The total volume is 200 g. And thanks to the transparent base, you will always know how much sugar is left.

You can store in such a container not only sugar, but also coffee, cocoa, salt, soda and other bulk products. Square jars fit compactly in one row on a table or kitchen shelf.

How to choose a sugar bowl

First of all, we pay attention to the material, convenience and design. Dishes must be functional and safe for health.

  • Porcelain is a leader in all criteria. But it is expensive and fragile, but it looks prestigious and emphasizes the excellent taste of the owners of the house.
  • Ceramics will serve as a more accessible analogue. When buying, be sure to inspect the sugar bowl — chips and cracks are unacceptable.
  • A metal model is considered indestructible. Stainless steel has several grades, but the best alloy is 18/10, with optimal nickel and chromium content.
  • Glass and plastic (acrylic) sugar bowls are also popular — the latter are inexpensive and therefore in demand.

A lid is a must. It protects bulk products from dust and moisture — they are less clumpy and do not lose their properties.

The design of the sugar bowl is an individual choice. However, it must be in harmony with other dishes and the overall style of the kitchen. The ideal option is to purchase individual items from a popular set or service. This makes it easier to collect a collection or make a replacement if something breaks.

Frequently asked Questions

Which is better — a jar or a sugar bowl with a dispenser?


What kind of sugar bowls you will not find in the store: jars, containers, bowls, bowls, glasses. The best option is a model with a fixed lid, a handle and a hole for a spoon. Options with a dispenser are a good idea, but not all such products are of high quality. A short rod after lowering the sugar level simply will not scoop it up, and it is difficult to determine how much sand you poured into the cup.

How to get rid of dark spots on stainless steel?


Metal sugar bowls need careful maintenance. Any contamination should be removed as soon as it appears. Dark spots and dullness are common problems with stainless steel. Cleaning will require a soft sponge, detergent, lemon juice and ammonia. You can also use baking soda or coffee grounds, rub the sugar bowl with it, and then rinse thoroughly with water. Abrasives must not be used!


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