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Every day there are more and more people who want to acquire their own land, and this is a natural desire for a person — the desire to have their own home, comfortable, cozy, and most importantly — their own. Having acquired your own land plot, you have the opportunity to create a small world for yourself, everything will be exactly the way you want it, here it becomes real to realize your dreams and desires, to feel the joy of creation.

Let’s try, at least theoretically for now, to build this little world on our own site.

Look through the sites on the net and check out the photo of a plot of 20 acres. You may notice that this rectangle of land, usually 40 by 50 meters in size, allows you to create all the conditions necessary for comfortable living.

However, good planning is essential. It is planning that becomes a guarantee that all the desired benefits will be fully realized, for all that, this small world will become truly convenient and comfortable. About the approaches to planning, as well as the features of this process, let’s try to figure it out now.

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Is it a lot or a little 20 acres?

If you got a plot of up to 10 acres, the process of placing a house and the necessary buildings turns into a difficult task, the solution of which becomes not only difficult, but also not having many solutions — the main thing is to manage to push everything in this piece of space.

Having 20 acres, you can no longer compact and write out unnecessary miracles, you can calmly place all the buildings, while maintaining space and convenience. Thus, we can quite easily place:

  • Actually the house itself;
  • Outbuildings;
  • summer kitchen;
  • Garage with workshop;
  • bath;
  • gazebo;
  • Children’s Corner;
  • Toilet;
  • Summer shower.

As you can see, the above list includes all the necessary amenities, although the list can be completely expanded if desired. It remains only to correctly arrange everything, and for this, let’s consider how we can directly produce the landscape design of a plot of 20 acres.

Initial study and planning of individual zones

Before the planning of a plot of 20 acres is carried out, it is necessary to investigate it, study and determine the following points:

  • The state of the terrain;
  • Condition of soil and groundwater;
  • Determine the inherent directions of the winds;
  • Designate the directions of the cardinal points;
  • Determine the natural conditions characteristic of the area.

All of these points will be important to consider when designing buildings and their placement. After you collect and analyze the above aspects, zoning is carried out.

We will be required to designate a residential area with a house located on it; economic — a bathhouse, a garage and other outbuildings will be placed here; seating area and garden.

Each of the zones is selected taking into account all the features of the area. In addition, it is important to take into account not only convenience, but also remember that in the future it will be necessary to create an infrastructure, lay engineering systems.

Style design

In the style of land improvement, there are several main directions, this is also true in our case — when creating a design for a plot of 20 acres, and therefore we will designate these main stylistically directions and consider their main distinguishing features.

Classical. This style is characterized by fundamentality and solidity, which is achieved through the clarity of the geometric shapes of buildings and the correctness of their relative position. All design elements emphasize the general order, the solidity of the owner himself and his strength and viability.

English landscape version. In this case, preference is given to the naturalness of all forms, everything should be located in a natural, as if in a natural order. The beauty of the surrounding nature is brought to the forefront, and all design elements are aimed at solving this problem.

French, or the so-called eco-style. The main, fundamental line is comfort and harmony. Here, the idea of ​​reuniting man with nature, his harmonious interweaving into the general environment comes to the fore. For the arrangement, he uses only natural materials, moreover, these should be materials characteristic of the particular area. The presence of artificial is minimal, it should not stand out.

Tropical styles are an exotic option and require knowledge of the features of the chosen direction.

Hi-tech style. Fashionable and growing trend. It reflects all fashion trends and therefore the most modern materials and technologies are used for the arrangement.

Baroque. This is an exceptional luxury, sophistication. Everything in the design is aimed at highlighting and designating high cost and chic.

Alpine. This arrangement option is optimal for areas with irregularities.

Forest. Suitable for places with a nearby forest area. The only condition is a smooth transition from the forest outside the site to your own.

Romantic style. This is a kind of fusion of elements from different directions. The underlying idea is to create some kind of romantic mood and maintain it.

Here we have listed the main areas. Naturally, some kind of symbiosis is possible, and also, no one can forbid you to develop your own site project, in which you can realize your own stylistic trends and make some kind of embodiment of your inner world in reality.

How to properly place all the buildings on the site

There are several rules that must be taken into account when planning a site and placing objects on it. These rules are universal and do not depend on the style we have chosen, and therefore we will dwell on them in a little more detail.

  • The most important rule is that a house on a plot of 20 acres is optimally located on the north side. This is done to rationally distribute sunlight. If the site has irregularities, the house is installed at the highest point;
  • All capital buildings are determined by the facade to the outside;
  • The garden should be located on the sunny side of the site;
  • All economic objects must be hidden from the eyes of an outside observer, for this they are removed inside the territory of the site;

In addition to the most general rules outlined above, there are building codes that specify the minimum distances from residential and other buildings to the edge of the site, the distances between each other, etc. You need to carefully read them and, if possible, take them into account when planning and then construction work.

When planning, make a site plan, think over the system of infrastructure, lighting. Consider how the fence will be implemented, what the fence will be like, the appearance of your entire site largely depends on this.

Another point to note is the layout with non-standard boundaries of your site. In such cases, the correct location of buildings and zoning is of particular importance.

In some cases, for example, in narrow spaces, it becomes possible to solve problems using special elements: hedges, flower beds, shrubs.


In this article, we have tried to outline the very basics of planning in the most general terms. Of course, you can turn to design companies and they will qualitatively and thoughtfully make you a finished site project.

If you decide to create your own little world yourself, in which there will be a reflection of your own «I», then you will have to thoroughly prepare and thoroughly consider all points, and planning is the key to the success of your undertaking.

Photo of a plot of 20 acres

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