How Peanuts Grow


In fact, peanuts are not even a nut, but a bean, but not like all legumes — it ripens underground. It has nothing to do with decorating the landscape, but it is directly interested in our taste buds and the body as a whole.

And since peanuts are a bean, you can grow them yourself. He loves greenhouse conditions and the sun, however, this does not mean that you cannot harvest crops in the open field. Peanuts are successfully grown in the climatic conditions of Ukraine and in open ground.

Peanuts cultural (Arachis hypogaea)

  • Habitat: South America.
  • Flowering period: July.
  • Color spectrum: yellow flowers.
  • Height: from 25 to 40, less often up to 70 cm.
  • Growing conditions: open sunny place, light, fertile and moisture-permeable soils, no frost.
  • Peculiarities: annual culture, fruits ripen underground.

For open ground, you should choose the right variety (Ukrainian Valencia, Stepnyak, Krasnodar, etc.) and clean, insecticide-treated soil. Alas, not only you will want to eat peanuts, but also mice, shrews, bears and other small underground animals.

Therefore, if your goal is not a centner, but a much more modest amount for personal consumption, then it is better to grow a peanut in wooden boxes or in a greenhouse.

The cultivation process is the same in any case. You can sow seeds directly into the ground, but it is better through seedlings.

The soil temperature should be at least +14 degrees, air from +20 and above. Soil type — loose, light, permeable, well lit.

Three nuts peeled from the hard shell are lowered into one hole. Bookmark depth 5-6 cm.

The distance between the holes is 15 cm, between the rows — 40-70 (depending on how you will process the row spacing).

Drip irrigation is recommended for planting peanuts, but only until the end of flowering, then they are monitored only so that the soil does not dry out. Watering in the first half of the growing season significantly increases the crop yield.

Peanut flowering occurs in the month of July.

After pollination, the flowers form ovaries, which, under their own weight, bend down to the ground, penetrate to a depth of 7-10 cm. It is there that fruits develop in the soil.

To create comfortable conditions for the maturation of the aisle up to the flowering period, they are loosened, and at the beginning of flowering, peanut bushes are spudded.

A signal of the ripening of nuts is the yellowing of the leaves. And here you should not hesitate. Time is nearing the end of the season, it will soon rain and the crop will die from excess moisture.

A peanut bush is carefully dug up and pulled out of the ground. The fruits need to dry out, so they are treated as follows.

With mass crops, the bushes are laid in rows with their roots up so that the earth dries and sprinkles. After a day or two, the nuts are separated and dried under a canopy in heaps.

On plantings of a small area, the bushes are tied into bunches, the green mass is cut off and left in this form under a canopy until it dries completely. The air temperature under the canopy should not exceed +40.

The yield of peanuts directly depends on the variety, top dressing, watering and can be up to 23 kg per hundred square meters.

It is better to store peanuts not shelled, in cloth bags or on shelves in bulk no more than 10 cm. The optimum storage temperature is +8, +10.


Peanuts do not like shading, waterlogging and manure.

Top dressing is carried out with nitrogen, potash and phosphorus fertilizers (50 g per 1 sq. m.).

The best predecessors for peanuts in the garden: potatoes, pumpkin, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, tomatoes grown on manured soil.

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