Amazing spruce with an unusual exterior


Every gardener at some point in his life is fond of unusual varieties of plants, and I am no exception …

However, losses after the very first wintering forced me to more carefully select candidates for “registration” in the garden.

On my fertile loams, junipers and spruces feel best. That’s where my attention is focused.

Today I’ll tell you about one amazing Christmas tree, which for some reason you don’t often see in our gardens. And the reason is not at all clear …

Look at her: it’s a miracle, how beautiful!

Meet the common spruce Acrokona…

Many admire spruces Push or Rydal for their beautiful appearance. But is Acrocona inferior to them?

Just look at these charming raspberry buds, they are already forming. in young spruces and are present at the end of almost every branch.

At the end of the season, the buds change color, but increase in size and hang down beautifully.

And what fluffiness is given to an evergreen plant by young growths of the color of light green …

Watching this spruce in the spring is just a delight!

But that’s not all…

If you look closely at a branch of Acrocona, you can see how unusual its structure is: almost every branch has several buds, each of them can give an increase. That is why the branches of this spruce are asymmetrical, however, like the whole tree. That is why it grows completely unpredictably.

In general, this unusual spruce can develop as a single-stemmed tree with an asymmetric crown, or as a multi-stemmed evergreen shrub of any shape.

It all depends on your desire: to form or allow it to turn into a coniferous pillow.

Usually in the descriptions they assure that at the age of ten, the Acrocon spruce reaches a height of just over a meter, but this is far from the limit … an adult tree has a maximum of 3-5 meters (depending on the type of trunk formation).

That is, this spruce will fit equally well both in a small garden and in a large landscape park.


Any sunny hillock will save you from having to arrange drainage before planting. But if this is not available, it is also possible in a lowland, where there is no spring flooding. In this case, you should dig a hole 70 cm deep and fill 20 of them with crushed stone or expanded clay.


Only at a young age shelter is required for the winter. After five years, this will no longer be necessary.

As for frost resistance, Akrokona spruce belongs to zone 4 and tolerates temperatures as low as -400S. And this is a big fat plus.


Again, only for young specimens in the stage of active root growth. After Acrocon, it acquires the properties of a drought-resistant plant. The only thing she loves is crown sprinkling, however, like all conifers.


By its origin … the fact is that this is not a variety, but a subspecies of common spruce. This spruce grows in Sweden, and, moreover, in natural conditions …

For those who do not understand the nuances, I explain: this means that exactly the same spruce trees will grow from the seeds of this spruce … without changing external signs.

And given that the bumps appear on it at an early age, its (ate) owner has a great chance to propagate this beauty on their own.


Acrocona spruce is an unusual tree with absolutely ordinary requirements: it is unpretentious and drought-resistant, like a simple spruce with one nuance: it does not like waterlogging and shade.

Agree, it is worth planting in your garden …

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