Outdoor fireplace — a hearth for relaxing in the garden


Making a fireplace in the yard is much easier than folding it in the interior or building a barbecue complex. It no longer requires strict adherence to the canons and complex calculations — any errors in self-construction will not bring any tangible discomfort.

However, you still have to follow some rules, but this is such a trifle 🙂

Let’s start with the fact that the tradition of arranging sites near open fires came to us from the West. It cannot be said that the habit of sitting by the fire is alien to us. Not at all — it was just that before arranging such a place in the yard or garden there was no time before. But now, when the culture of individual housing has reached a fundamentally new level, there is naturally a demand for places for evening gatherings with friends or family.

But back to CONSTRUCTION RULES fireplace.

Before starting the laying of the fireplace, the base must stand (28 days) at a temperature not lower than +50C. Special additives (quick-hardening concrete) will help speed up the process. Here you should already carefully read the instructions, which indicate when the array will be ready to withstand operational loads.

Before starting laying, the base is covered with high-quality waterproofing. It can be only, but it is better to use a PVC membrane. After the masonry is completed, the insulation sections that do not fall under the masonry are cut off with a knife.

Podium DIMENSIONS fireplaces optional. It can be high or low, protrude beyond the fireplace, smoothly flowing into the seating areas, or it can be clearly limited by external furnace sizes.

FURNACE — the most important thing in the fireplace. Its size can be arbitrary, but we strongly recommend that you observe the proportions.

The area of ​​the hearth (lower part) of the furnace is 0.7 of the area of ​​the fireplace portal. That is, first determine the size of the portal, calculate its area, and based on these data, find the area of ​​​​the furnace on the base.

The height of the furnace is 2/3 — 3/4 of its width.

The depth of the firebox should not exceed 1/2 — 2/3 of the height of the firebox.

COVER OF THE FURNACE perform with a slope of the front and side walls. Since the building is street, you should not get hung up on the magnitude of this slope — the main thing is that it be. It is unrealistic to make a slope without a cutting (brick) tool. Therefore, a grinder or a circular saw should be at hand.

It is easier to make the slope easier if you lay the wedge-shaped parts of the brick in place of the fracture — then lay the whole brick. Naturally, so that the structure does not fall apart during operation, a template is constructed from fiberboard (preferably plywood) and slats. It is placed under the inclined part of the masonry.

A ready-made metal smoke box can get rid of the hassle. It just needs to be set in place and overlaid with bricks.

CHIMNEY SIZE less than the area of ​​​​the firebox by 8-15 times, but is not less than 14 x 27 cm.


For those who have not yet decided on the appearance garden fireplace, we recommend that you consider all the options and turn your attention to such an option as fire pit — maybe it suits you better.

Well, if you are firm in your desire to create a fireplace, then first look around and try to determine the design style of your yard. Both the size and the finish (material of execution) of the outdoor fireplace will depend on this important detail.

Those who believe that a fireplace is a traditional brick (stone) structure are deeply mistaken.

Time has made its own adjustments and a modern courtyard in the style of modernism may well be decorated hearth made of metal. This is a kind of prototype of an old forgotten «potbelly stove», transformed into a bizarrely elongated structure made of noble corten (pictured above).

Here is another version of the metal fireplace, but in a neutral style.

The same modernism is characterized by an alternative in the form of a concrete fireplace.

The fireplace in the top photo was built without any rules at all. Judging by the heavily sooty façade, it looks like there is no chimney at all. However, this hardly spoils the evenings spent by his fire…

The brand new patio is paved around a small outdoor fireplace. As you can see, its design is extremely simple: the slope of the vault is practically absent, but the side walls are deployed «into the hall» for better reflection of heat towards vacationers.

Absolutely neutral style of an outdoor fireplace, especially if the area around it is framed by garden greenery.

Another universal fireplace style in the yard: Light fixtures are supposed to be placed on the ledges to the right and left.

And again, a fireplace placed on the patio. Pretty simple design, lined with stone, looks quite respectable.

A grate (in this case, as doors) is necessary for a fireplace if flammable objects, for example, a path, lie within a radius of one meter from the firebox. Then the firing coals will not fly further than the firebox.

Typical English patio and fireplace with tall chimney built into the wall.

And this is already a Mediterranean tradition: an open summer kitchen with a barbecue. But the central part is still a huge fireplace. Actually, the firebox itself is quite modest in size. but here’s the portal…

For fans of Japanese culture — although the fireplace is unconventional for her, why not style your hearth in the yard with Japanese notes?

In front of you is a Latvian patio with a fireplace made of bricks. Below are a few more simple designs in the photo …

Yes, by the way, the fireplace insert can be one-sided or through. The last option (pictured on the left) is very convenient for dividing the patio into several zones, since the view of the fire dance is available from two opposite viewpoints.

Pellet garden fireplace…

Fireplace on the covered patio…

Garden fireplace stylized as a stylized rustic hearth…

Outdoor fireplace in the courtyard of a Greek house…

Expensive construction of a garden fireplace with a closed firebox and stone cladding…

When everyone is placed on one site … In the spirit latest trends. The only thing missing is a mini-waterfall, but I think it just didn’t get into the frame.

And another fireplace in the English style. The massif of stone looks monumental and majestic.

What else to read on the site:

Design of brick and stone arbors

Pavilions made of stone and brick are a specific object. And it’s not just the texture, massive buildings look harmoniously on large areas, surrounded by tall trees, or next to the same monumental residential building.

The yard, whether it is large or small, is the first thing we see when opening the gate, which means that it is the visiting card of the house. Any owner of the estate, to one degree or another, but still wants to impress the guests, because the theme of the design of the local area will be relevant…

Inspired by time or stylish ruins

If a If you are a romantic, then a garden with a touch of abandonment is your style. Flowers of delicate colors and simple shapes grow in it, stones covered with moss lie, benches are hidden in the thickets, on which, as if no one has sat for a long time, in general, notes of nostalgia sound distinctly…

If you have the idea to do in the country breeding fish, then know that you have chosen the right direction. And let the scale of production be small, in any case, you will have at your disposal a product that is very valuable for health, grown with your own hands in environmentally friendly conditions…


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