Geoplastics — the art of changing the relief


If you decide to equip a decorative garden on the site, then the best way to make it more expressive is to create a unique relief. This technique can transform the territory of any size. It’s called geoplastics is a method of landscape design that allows you to create an artificial relief of the earth’s surface.

Ask why something change? Well, and then why did they come up with curling irons, curling irons and «ironing» 🙂 ?


Hills and mounds — underestimated by the public garden objects. Most homeowners try to perfectly level the areas around the home. It takes a lot of work, time or money to level the differences. But what about, because it is generally accepted that the lawn should be located on a flat surface …

In fact, a lawn covering a sloped area will not have bald spots that appear in places where water stagnates on a horizontal plane. True, in arid climates, automatic watering is indispensable …

The second argument in favor of “bulges” is that a flat area is a boring sight. It is recommended to level the relief only for gazebos and other garden buildings.

Another thing is the size of such elements. Decorative hills can have a height of up to 1.5 m with a slope of no more than 450FROM. Such large elements can be built on a territory of at least 1000 m2.

In smaller areas, it is better to limit yourself to low mounds of arbitrary shape.

For the construction of hills and embankments, land from your own site is quite suitable — soil taken out of the pit during construction.
Pure sand, peat, humus are not suitable as material for bulk hills. Their loose structure will not allow you to create a stable surface.

A good example of geoplastics in a particular area is presented in the video:

Any bulk structure requires time to shrink. Therefore, a fresh hill should stand at least until next spring, and only after that it is sown with lawn grass.
A vibrating plate, a tool that compacts the embankment, will help speed up the process of creating decorative hills. Every 30-40 cm of freshly poured soil is compacted with this apparatus, then spilled with water.

Grottoes and waterfalls — this is, unequivocally, the elevation of the relief, made of stone, less often concrete. If the cascade of water falling from above is a completely understandable and familiar element, then the grottoes are an outdated decoration of the garden. Once they imitated caves in coastal rocks, because they always had flowing water in the form of miniature fountains and waterfalls.

Today, grottoes appear in landscapes as a niche under a waterfall. Illuminated by the colored rays of LED lamps and covered with a transparent curtain of water, even in the daytime they look mysterious and bewitching.


buried sites — comfort zone on the site. It is always calm here and curious glances do not bother.

geoplastics, lawn on relief

Such a landscape element cannot be created in areas with a high level of groundwater.

Finished deepening — a bowl of a concrete pool. If it has fallen into disrepair or simply lost its relevance, here you can equip a cozy patio.
More often, such an object is created intentionally and the shape is chosen to be square or round. The walls are laid out of stone, brick, wood, cast from concrete.
It is better to line the bottom with a crushed stone pillow — when it rains, it will serve as drainage. However, this technique will not work on clay soils; a drainage well should be equipped here.

reservoirs on the site, at first glance, not so much a component of the relief as a change in texture. However, their mirror surface, reflecting the sky, creates an effect of depth on the site.

On a velvet grassy carpet or in the middle of «shaggy» shrubs, flower mixes, a mirror surface appears, creating a spectacular contrast.


retaining walls can also be used in small areas. Located along the perimeter of the territory, they have such a property as the removal of the horizon line (and in our case, the boundaries). Thus, retaining walls create a perspective effect on the site.
Over a large area, these artificial elements «break» the plane of the site, giving it relief.

In addition, retaining walls are an ideal vertical for planting. Creeping shrubs, alpine plants, succulents will help decorate their rocky surfaces.

Terracing — reception of «alignment» of the site on the slope. With the help of retaining walls, the slope is divided into horizontal platforms. They can be wide or narrow, however, in any case, it is not only convenient, but also very beautiful.
garden steps — an auxiliary element that allows you to comfortably move between the differences in the relief.
You can’t do without them if the site has a slope, earthen terraces, hills.


Removal of excess soil is also a method of geoplastics. Particularly impressive are small perfectly flat areas framed by retaining walls, hedges, flower beds.

The best cover for them is a lawn or paving, purpose: a decorative element of the garden, a place to relax.

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