Bouquet garden and country flower beds


The Bouquet Garden will definitely appeal to a summer resident who does not recognize the exquisite simplicity of new wave flower beds and the rigor of formal compositions.

It is for those gardeners who love bright cut flowers, but do not want the site to look like a garden of flowers.

A real bouquet garden (Cutting Garden) is not at all “fi-i-i!”, Which can be heard from professional designers who call all summer gardens of novice gardeners that way. This is the art of competently managing all the «wealth» of varietal specimens available in the gardener’s collection …

Here, flowering plants are represented by complex, sometimes chaotic mixes, formed according to the principle of taking into account the needs of the «participants» and the degree of «beauty» in them just rolls over.

Therefore, at any time, from such a flower garden, without violating the aesthetics of the garden, you can cut luxurious specimens for a bouquet.

At «bouquet» landscape, there are many fans among fan gardeners who are ready to carefully look after such beloved dahlias, irises, peonies, roses and other representatives of the flower «aristocracy».

At the heart of any garden should be a composition, an idea that reveals the beauty of all participants. In the bouquet garden, the main idea is to demonstrate the play of color. Therefore, further a small digression on how it is beneficial to emphasize the color palette of plants …
Monochrome flower bedsWell, who is not familiar with them! They contain plants of the same color, but with varying degrees of intensity.

blue hydrangea and purple gladioli

If it is blue, then the whole gamut is from pale blue to the shade of the night sky.

white lilies and liatris spikelets

If white, then all its nuances, up to pastel yellow, pink, blue, purple, etc.
Who among the designers will argue that the «cream» of flower markets, selected by color, look tasteless?
Monochrome compositions are impeccable, they can occupy quite large areas, and are appropriate almost anywhere in the site.

Bright contrasts — the most complex type of flower mixes. It is here that it is easy to «overdo it» with the number of colors. However, one has only to study which colors are best combined with each other and wow, the composition looks elegant and not overloaded …

red and yellow zinnias, sunny rudbeckia and white chrysanthemums


Bright flower beds make an impression, but tire the eyesight, because the best place for them is at the entrance to the courtyard, along the paths and at the bench in the far corner of the garden, where, without stopping for a long time, It is appropriate to receive a charge of positive emotions.

IMPORTANT: you can extinguish the brightness of the contrast of colors with the help of a splash of white, and it doesn’t matter if it is flowers, leaves or decorative elements….

Nuance combinations is a balm for the designer’s heart. Colors that harmoniously complement each other “work” here.

Such visually pleasing compositions will be very useful in places of long rest, in front of windows, around the gazebo.
Yes, whatever you like from flowers!
Do you love terry tulips, dahlias, peonies, gladioli, chrysanthemums, roses and other magnificent beauties? Combine them according to the “rider” of needs (moisture, light, soil acidity) and boldly create compositions taking into account the correct combination of colors and flowering period.
The bouquet garden is good because you can plant flowers in one mix in the same way as if you were making a bouquet of a very large size)))


  • mix (alternate) plants with different types of inflorescences, and the flower garden will turn out to be balanced;
  • sprinkle bunches of ornamental grasses into the mix — against their background, each flower will look especially distinct.

NUANCE: many primroses and letniki are good during the flowering period, therefore they can be grown in pots somewhere in the corner of the garden, and when the buds are tied, dig into the flower garden right in the pot.

As far as a photo of Sarah Raven’s bouquet garden from an exhibition in Chelsea:

Agree, our decor is the best!

In the foreground, in front of the blue delphiniums, chalcedony lychnis (red caps), yellow eremurus, a pale purple variety of cyanosis, were planted in a flower garden. All plants are tall.

Bright and chaotic summer composition of milkweed (in a bucket), roses, poppies, crocosmia and lupine. Quite a traditional country set)))

rose + scabiosa

A duet of re-blooming roses and purple scabiosa will delight the eye from June until September.

What else to read on the site:

Blue is perhaps the most desirable color on a hot summer day. It is associated with coolness, moreover, it is not so common in nature, which cannot be said about garden varieties …

For a young garden and open landscape — ideal to at least visually lower the «heat degree».

Oh, how good is the rest in the summer garden! Especially if it’s a hot afternoon, and in the shady coolness under a tree, a comfortable bench is comfortably located …And even if your garden is small, you should not limit yourself to just one such object for a short rest. Because there are benches…

Flower garden by the bench — garden cinema

Any resting place in the garden, be it a patio, a bench or an arbor, is a small cinema hall from which an overview of a certain part of the territory opens. Here you can spend a lot of time and explore the surroundings in detail. Therefore, this corner of the garden must be impeccable.


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